JV Girls’ Basketball Drops Defensive Matchup to Hendrickson Hawks 37-27

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  • Emma Goolsbey ’21 goes in to make a layup. Goolsbey brought the score to 27-21 during the second half, Hawks’ lead.

  • With defensive players close, Makenzie Ward ’23 looks for an open teammate to make a pass to. Ward would attempt to make a basket, but missed.

  • With a defensive player on her right, Atlee Olofson ’23 dribbles the ball. Olofson attempted to make a 2-pointer, but missed.

  • Gabbi Wallace ‘22 dribbles the ball. Wallace made a 3-pointer, which brought the score to 27-15 during the third quarter, Hawks’ lead.

  • Struggling, Atlee Olofson ’23 attempts to bring the ball down the court. Unfortunately, the Hawks gained possession of the ball.

  • Emma Goolsbey ’21 dribbles the ball down the court. Goolsbey would score several 2-pointers throughout the game.

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The JV girls’ basketball team faced off against the Hendrickson Hawks on Tuesday, Dec. 10. Despite their tough efforts, the Lady Warriors fell to the Hawks 37-27.

The first half started off with a 3-pointer from the Hawks, but the Lady Warriors came back with one of their own from Gabbi Wallace ‘22. The Hawks countered with a few shots of their own, but the Warriors were determined to catch up. With two 2-pointers from Emma Goolsbey ‘21 and one from Wallace, the Warriors closed the lead to 9-8. The Warriors pulled ahead with free throws from Kaylina Medina ‘22 and Atlee Olofson ‘23, which concluded the first quarter. Medina kicked off the second quarter with a 2-pointer, followed by two free throws from Wallace. The Hawks came back with a 3-pointer of their own to close out the first half of the game 14-14.

“Our defense was okay, but we could have done better on the rebounding,” Dinah Bray ‘21 said. The game was a little chippy and people were getting frustrated which played into our loss. Overall our execution was better than it had been in the past.”

The second half began with numerous shots and free throws from the Hawks, leaving the Lady Warriors behind. Despite the Hawks’ 13-point lead, the Warriors came back with a 2-pointer from Wallace, followed by another from Olofson. Two free throws and a 2-pointer from Goolsbey enabled the Warriors to gradually close the lead. The Hawks returned fire with a 2-pointer, but that was countered with two free throws from Olofson. However, even after pushing through the Hawks’ defense for two 2-pointers from Goolsbey and Olofson, the Warriors still could not pull ahead of the Hawks. A last free throw made by Goolsbey concluded the game with a final score of 37-27 in the Hawks’ favor.

The Lady Warriors will take on the Vista Ridge Rangers on Friday, Dec. 13.