Students Celebrate at IB Ball

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  • Rehana Shaik ’20 and Anaita Merchant ’20 pose in the archway set up for the ball. Photo courtesy of Anaita Merchant

  • Students set up lights and decorations in the hallways before the ball begins. Photo courtesy of Anaita Merchant

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The International Baccalaureate (IB) program held their annual IB ball on Dec. 12. A tradition for juniors and seniors in the program, this winter ball included fun student-taught dances and delicious food, all in the name of a good cause. 

Prior to the ball, students were taught three types of dances during flex and after school: waltz, footloose, and the electric slide. These dances were taught by IB students in the Ballroom Dance Club as their way of volunteering for the event. Other groups, such as the IB Student Council (IBSO) also volunteered to create and put up decorations. 

“A lot of time was put into coordinating the logistics of the ball, whether that be setting up dance practices, making the decorations, or actually setting up everything in the atrium,” Chris Fan’ 20 said.

While this seems like a fun event to put together to help bond the IB student community, there was a bigger motive. For entry, each student was required to bring two canned food packages and a stuffed animal, which would be collected at the end of the ball and donated to local organizations. 

“I think what differentiates this ball from other normal school dances is that it’s more casual,” Rishika Narala’ 20 said. “It’s not about what you wear or bring, it’s just a time for people to have fun with their friends while supporting the local community.” 

For juniors and seniors, this dance provided a chance for them to get away from the stress of Internal Assessments and tests, especially since the event was right after semester finals ended. Although being in the IB program takes hard work and dedication, going to events like these make the hard work feel less consuming for some people.

“IB ball is when a group of exhausted and stressed out students come together for a night of fun and enjoyment,” Anjali Suresh’ 20 said. “It’s a tradition that entails fun photos and memorable experiences for years to come. IB ball is a time for the IB juniors and seniors to get together, have fun and live carefree- if only for three hours.” 

Especially for the seniors, this night is memorable to them as it is their last IB ball, starting the slow process of saying goodbye to the friends and memories they made in the past four years. 

“More than anything, it’s a reunion for us IB students to bond and have a few laughs before the seniors soon leave for college,” Suresh’ 20 said. “It’s an unforgettable experience that ties us not only to the enduring path of IB, but to the amazing students and teachers that are in it.” 

Although the seniors have experienced their last IB ball, the juniors attending still have one more year to create fun memories. With this year’s celebrations drawing to a close, students are already excited for next years ball. However, before the school year ends, there are still other IB events such as IB Holi and the IB talent show, which will take place this spring. Nevertheless, this winter ball was a fun celebration for all the students who attended, bringing new experiences to a repetitive student life.