Dance Department Leads Flash Mob

Keana Saberi

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The dance department performed a flash-mob during both lunches on Jan. 22 to encourage students to sign up for dance and show off the enjoyment being in dance can bring.The surprise performances awed the student body sitting in the cafeteria, who were largely unaware the event was happening. The hip-hop groove and energizing music excited the crowd and put a halt to the hustle and bustle prominent in the cafeteria. 

“When the music started, everyone was ‘I’m shaking, I’m terrified,’” Claire Johnson ‘22 said. “But then we started doing it and everyone had a bunch of fun. I was in both of the flash-mobs because my dance class was sixth block. It was really cool during second lunch to see a bunch of people start rushing to the cafeteria because they had heard about it.”

The dance students prepped in class the last several blocks to get ready for dancing in front of the crowd. The start of the choreography began with the Sundancers dancing alone, then Warrior Pride joined and finally, the rest of the dance department. The flash-mob was intended to get people interested in joining the dance department especially since it is the time of year when students choose their classes for their schedule. Pamphlets were distributed around, detailing info about the different dance programs the school offers. The dancers also wanted to get people excited for the dance program’s next performance of the year, Escapade. 

“It was really interesting to see everyone dance, just like getting up during lunch and dancing to the music,” Jackie Liu ‘22 said. “ It was a cool experience and I thought it was a really creative way to get new people to join the dance department.”

The dance program’s next event is their annual spring show Escapade, on Friday, March 27 and Saturday, March 28 in the Raymond E. Hartfield Performing Arts Center (PAC).