JV White Boys’ Soccer Ties with Vista Ridge Rangers 1-1

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  • During a Vista Ridge corner kick, Emir Danisik ’23 made efforts to clear the ball. The Warriors successfully defended the corner.

  • Carlos Pimentel ’21 kicks the ball, shooting it up the sideline to be received by another Warrior. He keeps his eyes on the ball to focus.

  • Pranay Mangaonkar ‘22 (center) defends the ball. “I was pressuring the man that is going to the ball so he can’t do anything helpful with it,” Mangaonkar said.

  • Trying to dribble the ball away, Justin Gao ’23’s foot gets tangled with a teammate. This was Gao’s second game playing for the Warriors. “I was just trying to clear the ball and not let the defense be in a bad position,” Gao said.

  • Fighting to get possession, Drew Castaneda ’22 blocks a Vista Ridge player. Also trying to gain possession, Jordi Martinez ’23 attempts to kick the ball out.

  • Joeb Goheen ’22 and a Ranger race to gain possession the ball. Goheen ended up winning over the ball and passed it to a teammate.

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The boys’ JV white soccer team tied 1-1 against the Vista Ridge Rangers on Friday, Jan. 17. 

The game consisted of many fouls. At one point, a Warrior was given a yellow card. Andrew Bailey ’22, who normally plays on a higher team, worked with his new teammates to defend the goal. The first goal of the game wasn’t scored until the second half by the Warriors.

“When we scored, I felt a new sense of energy to work even harder to keep the other team from scoring,” Pranay Mangaonkar ‘22 said.

Despite Mangaonkar and his team’s efforts, later in the half the Rangers scored a goal, tying the game 1-1. There were many shot attempt on both sides.

“We played with maximum effort and we ended with a tie, we all played well so I feel great about this tie, the next game we will play better and get a win,” Mangaonkar said. 

The team will next face the Round Rock Dragons away from home on Tuesday, Jan. 21.