Parents and Students Attend IB Information Night


Savannah Estabrook

Students and parents listen in as speakers explain the current methods used in teaching modern IB curriculums. Many students are exited to start their IB journey.

On Thursday, Jan 9, prospective and current International Baccalaureate (IB) students as well as parents attended the IB parent information night in the cafetorium. That evening, multiple speakers from different classrooms explained the elaborate IB teaching curriculum and what to expect through the four years in the program. 

To start off the evening, the faculty held a business meeting and encouraged parents to visit tables in the atrium with questions before beginning any sessions. Afterwards, parents were split into two groups of rising 10th through 12th grades and incoming freshman. The incoming freshman then stayed in the cafetorium for IB parent orientation. 

“The purpose of the meeting was to describe all of the courses at each level,” Kallani Yano-Penning ‘22 said. “[The speakers] taught the different approaches to teaching and learning. It’s a whole different kind of learning”

The parents and students were spread among seven stations based on last name. These stations would rotate around the school until all were informed of the different IB course sections provided. These main categories fell under English, Languages other than English (LOTE), Social Studies, History, Science, Math, and IB electives. 

“I volunteered in the IB parent night,” Nirup Kushalnagar ‘22 said. “I was helping parents and kids who were lost to find their correct room or station and mostly rising freshman who wanted to learn about the IB program with Math, English, Social Studies, and Science.”

At the end of the night, Principal Dr. Acosta held a Q/A with the remaining parents and students. Many parents questioned whether their child was ready for certain courses and what path was right for their child. 

“My sister is an incoming freshman so this is going to be really good for her as a way of getting to know really what IB is,” Junna Castel ‘20 said. “When you’re coming in you’re really getting ready to be a part of the IB program junior and senior year. It’s really important about how you apply your education in the future.”