Students Collaborate to Send Aid to Australian Animals

Srilekha Cherukuvada, Dreamcatcher Editor in Chief

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  • Juniors Nivrithi Kuttuva and Srimayee Gadde watch as librarian Ms. Deborah Roberts explains how to pin the fabric with the measuring paper and cut it.

  • Students wait eagerly to begin creating pouches for a good cause.

  • B.J. Min ’21 cuts out the fabric needed for the outer layer of the pouches.

  • Students work on cutting and sewing the pouches to help animals struggling in the Australian bushfires.

  • Librarian Ms. Deborah Roberts shows students how to measure and cut the fabric at the beginning of the session.

  • The fabric is spread out on tables across the Great Room in the library, ready for students to cut and pin for the pouches.

  • Concentrated on her work, Isha Chhabra ’20 measures out fabric for the pouches meticulously.

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Sewing practicum students and outreach club members joined forces on Friday, Jan. 17 in the library to sew pouches to donate to animals suffering from the Australian bushfires. 

“We’re helping create pouches for unfortunate animals who are put into unfortunate situations by the Australian bush and forest fires in order to help him recuperate and to return to their former environments. I think it’s really great what we’re doing right now,” Pratik Neerukonda ‘21 said. “Even if we’re not close geographically, we’re helping them anyway. We’re helping these animals who unfortunately didn’t have a chance to live through their natural life and help them return to what could be a better future for them.”

Members cut out and assembled the pouches using pins, which would later be sewed by the practicum students. The activity was both simple and engaging for students to participate in and had the added benefit of supporting animals in need.

“It feels really cool because I’ve never done something like this before,” Annie Kim ‘22 said. “I think it’s a really creative idea and we should probably do it more often.

Librarian Ms. Amy Woolsey set up the event in hopes to bring together different areas of the school, but also to support a good cause.

“The purpose of this event is to join the crafter guilds from around the world who are sending protective pouches for all of the young animals who have lost the adults in Australia because of the fires,” Ms. Woolsey said. “It felt fantastic to hold this event and I think that the collaboration between the library, the outreach club, and Ms. Chance’s sewing practicum is beautiful because that’s how great projects get done. Everybody has an area of expertise and they pull it off and everybody feels good about it in the end.”