GALLERY: Varsity Boys’ Soccer Takes Down Round Rock 3-0

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  • Surrounded by opponents, Tom Gentot ’20 dribbles the ball downfield toward the goal. Gentot made a successful pass to a teammate.

  • Nikola Djordjevic ’21 dribbles the ball downfield, with an opponent close behind. This is Djordjevic’s third year playing for the varsity team.

  • Blocking an opponent, Yash Kakkad ’21 advances the ball downfield. Kakkad was able to successfully pass to a teammate to keep the possession going.

  • The Warriors celebrate after Niko Harris ’20 scores a goal. This was the final goal of the night, making the score 3-0.

  • John Mock ’20 and Patrick Cotey ’23 celebrate Mock’s goal. This was the second goal for the Warriors, making the score 2-0.

  • Theo Givens ’20 dribbles the ball upfield, while being surrounded by Round Rock players. Givens scored the first goal of the night.

  • Moving the ball downfield, Luca Cipleu ’21 is surrounded by opponents. This play ended with the ball going out of bounds.

  • Louis Niemerg ’21 hits the ball into the air, trying to avoid an opponent. This is Niemerg’s first season playing soccer as a Warrior.

  • With a Round Rock Dragon close behind, Ben Forshay ’20 dribbles the ball downfield. Forshay advanced the ball and made a successful pass to a teammate.

  • Dribbling the ball downfield, Cesar Frias ’20 speeds towards the goal. Frias was a key player in helping to defend any goals from the opposite team and pushing down the field.

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