GALLERY: Varsity Girls’ Soccer Thumps Stony Point 3-0

By Kathryn Markovitz, Photographer

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  • With an opposing defender in front, Andrea Pena '22 attempts to dribble the ball around to maintain possession. Despite efforts, the Tigers ended up taking possession of the ball.

  • After receiving a pass from a teammate, Ashley Broadbent '22 dribbles the ball downfield. Broadbent was able to advance the ball and make a successful pass.

  • Fighting for possession, Catherine Ramage '23 attempts to get ahead. The ball would end up going out of bounds.

  • As an opposing midfielder comes up from behind, Hailey Martinez '21 dribbles the ball. Martinez would make a pass to another teammate.

  • With an opposing midfielder by her side, Sarah Kolodzinski '22 dribbles the ball downfield. Kolodzinski would be edged out, losing possession of the ball.

  • Focusing in, Catherine Ramage '23 dribbles the ball upfield. Ramage was a crucial defender as the Tigers pushed closer to the Warriors' goal.

  • Sarah Kolodzinski '22 dribbles the ball downfield. Kolodzinski advanced the ball in attempt to set up a shot.

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