India’s Oppression of Human Rights in Kashmir and Assam Cannot Go Unnoticed

Letter to the Editor

Arjun Raman '23

India’s oppression of human rights in Kashmir and Assam cannot go unnoticed.

There is a time in the lifespan of every nation when they commit some unspeakable act. This act haunts their every moment, and whether it be Germany’s horrific acts against their Jewish population, to Britain’s acts against China, said unspeakable acts are a moment of regret for everyone involved.

India’s persecution of Muslims in Kashmir and Assam is that act. Firstly, the Citizenship Amendment Act in India, which would strip 2 million Muslim “refugees” in Assam of their citizenship, however, most of these “refugees” are citizens of India that have lived there for generations. This blatant targeting of Muslims has lead to fears that more than 2 million innocents will be deported to Bangladesh, or shoved into “re-education camps.” If this doesn’t remind you of the Alhambra decree, or of the Nazi’s Final Solution, it should.

The second act of senseless structural violence the Indian government under P.M Narendra Modi is his treatment of the border state of Kashmir. Kashmir, previously an autonomous region sustained and led by their own largely Muslim population, has been stripped of their status and had their government placed under house arrest. With Indian soldiers pouring in the region, committing murder and rape, their citizens are under a threat from the government that is supposed to protect them.

The international community must not let this stand and must remember the shame they felt after they failed to stop the Holocaust. Now is the time for action.