Unconventional Valentine’s Day Gifts

Unconventional Valentines Day Gifts

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day, unless of course, you’re single. Hearts, candies, and roses are really common gifts received on this day. But why do all these gifts have to be shades of red and pink? Why can’t we gift things of other colors or themes that aren’t portrayals of stereotypical love? Here are five unconventional and odd Valentine’s Day gifts you can make yourself in very little time to give your friends, and your significant other if you have one.

Love Papers

We all cherish our friends, so why not let them know by writing everything you love about them. Take one or two sheets of printer paper and cut it up into little squares. On those squares, write what you love about them. If you can’t think of anything you like about them, you can always list what you hate. Once you’re done writing, put the notes in a tiny box and wrap it with a ribbon. If you don’t have a ribbon at home, wrap a string of dental floss around it. It smells like mint, so it won’t be that bad.


Do you think you’re so attractive that no one can handle it? Make some sunglasses so that your friends can look at you without blinding themselves. Take an old pair of glasses and paint the frame black. Then, take a Sharpie and scribble the lenses ‘til they’re entirely black. Your friends may not actually see you because you covered the lenses in Sharpie, but they probably don’t want to anyways, because they think you’re ugly.

Face Pillow

Want your friends to always remember you? Make a face pillow they’ll always see at night, so they never forget you. Take a really ugly picture of yourself and print it out. Stick that picture onto your least favorite pillow, and voilà, you have a face pillow. You could also apply this to a t-shirt, socks, and other fabric-related items.

Ghost Pepper

Valentine’s Day is about a lot of sweet things: candies, chocolate, love, etc. Why not change things up and add a little spice? Give ghost peppers to all your friends and watch them suffer from all the spice. Give them milk afterwards to show that you really care though.

A Pen That Ran out of Ink

Are your friends so good, you have no words to describe them? A pen that ran out of ink would portray that perfectly. On top of the sentimental meaning behind this gift, it will be fun to watch the endless frustration and confusion as they wonder why the pen doesn’t work.