Four Ways the Dreamcatcher Will Get Rid of Your Boredom


Srilekha Cherukuvada

The logo for the Westwood Dreamcatcher, the newest addition to Student Press.

After Austin and Travis County issued the stay at home order, many of us are understandably bored. It doesn’t need to be this way, though, and the Dreamcatcher can help with that. Here are four ways that the Dreamcatcher will alleviate your boredom, and help you power through the COVID-19 outbreak.

Get Creative
The Dreamcatcher is all about creativity. As the online literary magazine of Westwood, we want all of your creative work. With six different sections, there is always a home for creativity. And we know that you have always had ideas, but never the time to put it to paper. What better time to get your ideas on to paper than when you’re cooped up inside? Submit your work while you have the time.

Explore Your Interests
We are always looking for interesting pieces. Maybe you’re really interested in insects or have a collection of coins. You can write an article about your hobby, or if writing isn’t your thing, you can draw a picture representing what you’re doing. You may also like interviewing people. We don’t have many interviews, but we would love to see yours.

Show Off to Colleges
With the college admission process getting harder and harder, people are always looking for a leg up. The Dreamcatcher can help you out with getting that edge. Submit a piece talking about your journey in JROTC, or how much fun you had at your robotics competition. We also want to see your photos, so if you’re into something like gardening, send us some photos of your garden.

Tell Everyone How You Are
Being cooped up all day can get boring, and lonely. Tell the world how you are, and get little weight off your chest while you’re at it. Like we said earlier, there 6 different sections, so you’ll always be able to find a way to express yourself on the Dreamcatcher.