Junior Student Council Class Sells Prom Tickets


Rachel Iyer

Juniors and seniors line up to purchase their prom tickets.

The junior class student council officers began selling prom tickets two weeks ago, starting at 35 dollars each during lunch. Currently, the tickets are 55 dollars per person and the price will steadily increase each week leading up to prom. The price of the tickets are based on how well the junior fundraiser went last fall, and therefore this year the highest price for tickets will cost 80 dollars at the door of the Oasis. Instead of choosing to hold a pasta party or souper bowl like in previous years, the junior class decided on a “No fuss fundraiser”. Because of the success the class officers found with this, they were able to make the prom tickets starting price relatively cheap. Prom ticket sales are only open to Juniors and Seniors, although, the upperclassmen may buy tickets for underclassmen if they are going together.

The junior class President Hart Black ’21 and Vice President Edward Seo ’21 have been working closely with their class sponsor Ms. Jesica Cuellar to ensure their prom is successful. Prom will take place on April 4, 2020 at the Oasis from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. This year’s prom theme will be masquerade ball, voted on by the senior class. Students will be encouraged to wear masquerade ball masks.