Students Excel at VASE Competition


Nashitha Azeez

Arundhati Subramanian ’21, Rosie Deal ’22, and Marina Oquendo ’22 rest in the cafeteria after being judged. The gallery walk in the gym was going to start in a few minutes.

Art students went to Cedar Ridge High School on Saturday, Feb. 22 for an art competition called Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE). They talked to judges about an art piece they made during the school year, and were rated from a score of one to four (one being the worst, and four being the best). Students who got a four received a regional medal, and their artwork was displayed in an art gallery in the gym for public viewing at 12:30 p.m. After the gallery, at 2 p.m., the judges conducted area judging, where they judged the artwork that made regionals, and decided which artworks could qualify at the state level. Of the 41 students that participated, 31 were awarded a regional medal. Two students qualified at the state level. The next round of the competition will be held at San Marcos High School on Friday and Saturday, April 24-25.

“At the beginning, [VASE] was scary, but once I got in there, the judge made me feel super comfortable, and it was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be,” Marina Oquendo ‘22 said.

Listed below are those who received a regional medal.

Nashitha Azeez ‘22

Max Bellomio ‘21

Summer Capper ‘20

Isabella Craig ‘21

Arunima Das ‘23

Abigail Dewhirst ‘21

Caroline Fu ‘22

Sharanya Gupta ‘23

Alysa Hernan ‘21

Kate Jernigan ‘20

Linden Marak ‘22

Mathilda Meyer ‘21

Marina Oquendo ‘22

Sarah Risko ‘20

Amelia Sadler ‘21

Lily Sayre ‘21

Emma Schultz ‘21

Diego Solano Cordero ‘21

Ashlin Swasey ‘22

Han Tran ‘20 

Alyssa Vyrva ‘20

Fiona Wilson ‘22

Amanda Yin ‘22

Kendal Farquharson ‘23

Lena Greene ‘20

Jack Purcell ‘22

Jillian Cook ‘22

Kayleigh Low ‘21

Nickolette Broadhead ‘23

Riley Driscoll ‘23

Kaybee Beggs ‘21

Aayushi Prasad ‘23

Oliver Zeiss ‘21


Listed below are State qualifiers.

Abigail Dewhirst ‘21

Kaybee Beggs ‘21