Students Host IB Talent Show For Parents and Peers

Lucia Santaolalla, Dreamcatcher Editor in Chief

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  • Cassidy Lee ’21 and Aiden Lee ’20 show off their Chinese YO-YO skills. They performed to the song ‘Delirious’.

  • Bringing Bollywood to Westwood, Anouka Saha ’21 and Dia Jain ’21 form the group ‘Westwood Masala’ and perform Bollywood singing to ‘Down/Desi Girl’. This was the first performance kicking off the IB talent show.

  • Reaching for the stars, the K-pop group performs to ‘Thanks’ and amazes the audience with their smooth rhythm.

  • Blowing the audience away, Elliot Kim ’21 whistles the song ‘Ave Maria’.

  • The K-pop group BWL stuns the audience with their moves. The group performed to the song ‘Boy With Luv’.

  • Originality is not in short supply with the performance by Lilyanne Lloyd ’20. She performs an original song inspired by Mrs. Dalloway: ‘Clarissa’s Song’.

  • Tiny instrument but not tiny talent. Sho Humphries ’21 goes off the stage and into the audience to perform an original ukulele instrumental.

  • Showing off their Latin dance moves. Sacala A Bailar performs Latin American dances

  • Yi Fan Sun performs a piano instrumental. The piece Sun plays is ‘Your Lie In April’.

  • Anouka Saha and Sho Humphries perform ‘Heart Away’ on stage.

  • Bringing Greece to Austin, Costaki Skevofilax ’20 performs a Greek dance.

  • The IB Trombone Ensemble performs to ‘Pure Imagination’ and ‘Thaxted’. ‘Thaxted’ was a cover of the beloved Westwood song with a twist as the ensemble added to it.

  • Break dance club poses after putting on an amazing performance. Break Dance performs to ‘Que Calor’ and wows the audience.

  • The IB seniors collaborate together to write and perform a skit.

  • IB’s cello octet performs the Spanish classical music ‘Bachianas Brasilieras No 1.’

  • Katya Lopez ’20 performs a cover of ‘The Wizard and I’ from the broadway musical Wicked.

  • Modern talent shows require modern talents. Lennon Aragon ’21 speed plays Super Smash Bros against an audience member.

  • Making a brave choice, Myles Deol ’20 performs two original songs ‘Untouchable’ and ‘Find Me. This was Deol’s first performance in front of a live audience.

  • Sonny Stenson ’20 performs a beloved Elton John song on piano.

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International Baccalaureate (IB) students performed at the talent show on Thursday, March 12 in the cafeteria. Students showed their skills in different activities through an exciting performance. The show ranged from piano’s performances to Mario Bros’ races. This talent show helped students mingle and showcase their skills to their peers.

“Performing in and watching the talent show was definitely something to remember. Everyone’s acts were so creative and unique and I enjoyed the sense of community that night,” Anouka Saha ‘21 said. “Junna Catel ‘20 did especially great, since she basically organized the whole thing and got everyone together so the show ran smoothly.”


Listed below are the performance acts of the night:

Dia Jain ‘21 & Anouka Saha ‘21 – Westwood Masala: Bollywood singing to Down / Desi Girl

Sonny Stenson ‘21 – Jazz and Improvisational Piano Playing

Cello Octet – Spanish Classical Music Bachianas Brasileiras no. 1

Katya Lopez ‘20  – Singing The Wizard and I

Lennon Aragon ‘21 – Speed Playing Mario Bross: Lennon vs Audience

Miles and MylesUntouchable & Find me

Sácala A Bailar – Latin American dances

Anouka Saha and Sho Humphries ‘21 – Singing + Ukulele: Give Your Heart Away

Lilyanne Lloyd ‘20 – A Sad Song Inspired by Mrs. Dalloway: Clarissa’s song

Kpop group BWLBoy With Luv 

Yifan Sun ‘20 – Piano performance Your Lie in April

Costalki Skevofilax ‘20 – Greek Dance

Trombone EnsembleThaxted & Pure

BreakdancingQue Calor

The Senior Skit

Elliot Kim ‘21 – Whistling, Ave Maria

Kpop GroupThanks

Sho Humphries ‘21– Ukulele Instrumental 

Nikhil Karnam ‘20 – Playing the Piano Blindfolded

Cassidy Lee ‘21 and Aiden Lee ‘20 – Chinese Yoyo : Delirious

The Senior Song