Class of 2020 Makes College Commitments

Celebrating College Commitment Day on Friday May 1, seniors ‘signed’ a virtual banner illustrating where their education will take them. The banner, showing exactly where students will be studying for the next four years, spans across three different countries and two continents. While the COVID-19 has changed the way seniors celebrate this momentous occasion, they are still excited to take this next step in their lives. 

“I felt both excited and scared,” Lennox Kolics ’20 said. “I can’t wait to start my life, but I don’t want to make the wrong choice again like I did in high school with IB. The process of making a decision brought on a lot of existential crises. I think I’d feel more comfort in my choice if it weren’t for the pandemic and my college being near the New York City epicenter.”

The novel coronavirus has impacted schools and education across the world. Schools have closed for the time being, and students are unsure if the fall semester will continue, given  the current conditions. 

 “Since I’m going to the East Coast, I’m kinda apprehensive that I won’t be attending school in DC because Virginia has a lot of cases,” Divya Chhotani ‘20 said. “I have a 90% gut feeling that I’ll start my freshman year of college at home doing ‘Zoom University’.”

While the COVID-19 outbreak has limited celebrations, seniors are staying strong and are excited for their future endeavors. Especially after choosing their majors, students are excited to learn about what they actually want to do and receive a personalized education. 

“I’m majoring in Music Technology and it’s so exhilarating when all the requirements are classes you genuinely want to take,” Kolics said. “I’d also be hiding the truth if I didn’t mention how psyched I am to study under Carlos Alomar. He was David Bowie’s guitarist and co-writer and he’s kind of a legend. I also can’t wait to see Broadway shows, since New York City will be 15 minutes away.”

While taking this next step, seniors have been reminiscing  on the past four years and all the memories they’ve created at Westwood. Due to the pandemic, seniors weren’t able to say goodbye to many of their friends and teachers whom they want to express thanks to. 

“I felt really thrilled to have gotten into my top choice college,” Chhotani said. “I was planning on doing a reaction video for my top school but I was so excited that I didn’t get the chance too. I felt very relieved and I felt that Westwood prepared me really well and I’m thankful for all my parents, teachers, and incredible friends who helped me along the way.”

With the different paths the Class of 2020 will be taking, the banner shows how seniors will be growing past the memories and friendships created at Westwood, and creating more beautiful memories in whatever they will do.

“I didn’t formally commit to a college because I’m going to Austin Community College, but it felt good to register for summer classes,” Paige Castillo ’20. “While I’m excited but also sad, I’ll definitely miss Westwood and all the relationships I made with friends and teachers.”