NSHS Holds First Meeting of Year

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  • Sydney Miller ‘21 gets her laptop ready to do a presentation for the first meeting of the National Spanish Honor Society (NSHS). Before the meeting, she, along with the team, had to create a thoughtful presentation considering the virtual venue. “We put in a lot of time and effort over the summer to get SHH fully ready for the virtual environment,” Miller said.

  • Antonio Ramirez ‘21 is presenting to the members of the National Spanish Honor Society (NSHS) during their first meeting of the year. Before the presentation, he had to come up with plans that he wanted the club to execute during this chaotic year. “I can’t wait to start doing activities and events together and helping students improve their cultural knowledge about the Hispanic world,” Ramirez said.

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The National Spanish Honor Society (NSHS) held its first meeting of the year while accommodating to the virtual situation. They used the platform Google Meet and hosted multiple meetings from Tuesday, Sept. 8 through Thursday, Sept.10 to give members the option of attending on their preferred day. 

The meeting started with an introduction video presenting the officers for this year: Sydney Miller ‘21, Anika Chokhavatia ‘21, Diya Rajon ‘22, Antonio Ramirez ‘21, and Anirudh Gupta ‘22. After, they moved to a short presentation which began by listing the methods members can use to stay updated with all the events during this virtual time. These include email, Remind 101, as well as their Google Calendar (which can be found by visiting their website). 

“The officer team has strived to uphold the pillars of [Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (SHH)] while also positively reshaping aspects of the club, so I believe the year is going to be fantastic,” Anika Chokhavatia ‘21 said.

Next, they reminded everyone of the point system, which is used to track each member’s status within the honor society. In order to remain eligible, members must earn two Community Service points, two Culture points, one Fundraising point, and one Miscellaneous point. Knowing that doing community service during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic may be challenging, the NSHS officer team has worked very hard to find opportunities that will both be enjoyed by the members and help the community. 

“We have done a lot of preparation for the virtual environment and we are super excited because we are going to be able to implement some really cool community service events and different opportunities to speak in Spanish even in the virtual environment,” Sydney Miller ‘21 said. “We have been thinking about this a lot and spent a lot of time preparing in the summer. We are going to announce these events soon and we think they are going to be successful.” 

Some of the events that NSHS has planned are ‘SHH Tutorial Training,’ ‘Noche De Cine,’ ‘Albricias,’ and a ‘Newsletter for Lower-Level Spanish Students.’ The ‘SHH Tutorial Training’ will allow members to learn tutoring strategies and instructive teaching methods by Sra. Llanos. It is also a way to earn Community Service points. ‘Noche De Cine’ is the annual Spanish movie screening with discussion, but this time it is virtual. Attending will earn members one Culture point. ‘Albricias’ is a literary magazine looking for Hispanic culture poetry, literature, artwork, and photography. Submitting an entry is a way to earn points. Lastly, the Newsletter is a way to help Spanish learners by providing tips, tricks, strategies, and advice. Helping write an entry will earn members Community Service points. 

“What I am looking forward to most is reaching the lower level Spanish students especially during this time because we are not able to be in classes,” Diya Rajon ‘22 said. “I think this extra support will really help enrich our community.”