HOSA Holds Fall Semester Fundraiser

Kumud Arora, Reporter

Westwood Health Oriented Students of America (HOSA) held its first and only fundraiser of the fall semester on Wednesday, Nov. 4. After a mock election among the HOSA officers, they decided on choosing a place for the fundraiser by voting on a crowd pleasing fast food restaurant, and they chose Chipotle Mexican Grill. 

HOSA Treasurer Edward Seo ‘21 and HOSA Sponsor Dr. Stacy Germany had a virtual meeting to organize a fundraiser with Chipotle by reaching out to them, setting a date, securing a time, location, and profit share percentage. 

“We were able to host the fundraiser thanks to our awesome treasurer Edward Seo,”Ansh Purohit ‘21 said. “He was really the magic man when it came to setting this up.” 

The amount that they were able to raise is not yet known, but the officers are positive that they were able to raise a lot, because of the Westwood students and supporting members. The money raised will be going to causes such as paying students’ airfare when they go to international competitions, hotel rooms at Disneyland, and paying for students who cannot afford to go on the trip. The money will also go towards funding various HOSA events, such as competitions and chapter events.

“I think the best part of the fundraiser was encouraging members to give back to our organization while also being able to satisfy their meal desires,” Seo said.