Mr. George Franco Joins Theatre Department

Joining the Theatre department, Mr. George Franco is excited about starting off the new school year virtually. He is teaching five class blocks, and some of the courses he is teaching include Theatre, Musical Theatre, and Tech Theatre. With the new year being so different, he plans to produce shows through social distancing practices to keep students and teachers as safe as possible. 

Working on shows with all the amazing students is one of the best parts of my job with teaching classes,” Mr. Franco said. “It is definitely a challenging time to even think about doing theatre, but I really do believe that from great adversity comes outstanding solutions.”

This is Mr. Franco’s first year teaching in a public high school. Before taking this job, he was a Professional Teaching Artist at the Magik Theatre in San Antonio and a Scenic Carpenter/Painter for a Technical Theatre Scene Shop. Prior to that, he obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre from Texas State University.

“I attended the university for five years, studying, working, and experiencing all aspects of theatre and education,” Mr. Franco said. “I am a firm believer that education has no definite timeline. I encourage students to not feel pressured in a four year college time limit because I did it in five. Everyone has their own path towards success.”

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Franco is still passionate about moving forward with his teaching. He plans to teach classes in new, inspiring ways to keep students up and moving, even through technology. 

“I love his teaching styles because it’s very hands on,” Eva De Guelle ‘22 said. “I know he’ll do great things for our program.”

Outside of teaching, Mr. Franco  enjoys painting, making lists, and singing in his car. Even outside of his job, he enjoys theatre related activities. Although there are new struggles to this year, he is more than excited to get to know everyone in his classes.

“Seeing all the students during synchronous time is hands down the highlight of my days,” Mr. Franco said. “Whenever things get frustrating we just have to remember to breathe, and remain creative, open, and mindful of one another.”