Orchestra Students Triumph at All-State Auditions


Nashitha Azeez

Students virtually auditioned for the All-State Orchestra. Graphic by Nashitha Azeez

Orchestra students virtually auditioned for the All-State Orchestra from Saturday, Oct. 31 to Wednesday, Nov. 4. Similar to All-Region auditions, students auditioned through the software program, MusicFirst, where they recorded and submitted their recordings. In previous years, students who made it to the All-State level would go to the Texas Music Educator Association (TMEA) Convention and play in the All-State Ensembles. However, this year, due to the pandemic, the TMEA convention has been cancelled. Tens of thousands of students from all over the state auditioned, with less than 200 string players selected. Nine students made All-State, including one student having made All-State all four years of high school, Minshin Kim ‘21.

“[Being a four-year All-Stater] was always a goal that I had entering high school, and it’s so humbling to see that aspiration come true,” Kim said. “This year’s audition process hit me much differently than previous years. I felt much less prepared because of senioritis and anxiety, and the whole self-recording aspect of the audition was something I was not accustomed to. In the end, I gave it my all, and thankfully, was able to succeed.”


Listed below are those who made All-State with their orchestra noted.



Victoria Zhao ‘22 (Symphony Orchestra)

Sophia Louie ‘23 (Symphony Orchestra)

Peter Kim ‘24 (Philharmonic Orchestra)

Minshin Kim ‘21 (Sinfonietta)

Alex Kim ‘23 (Sinfonietta)



Eric Yang ‘23 (Sinfonietta)



Yochen Zhong ‘24 (Philharmonic Orchestra)

Noah Kim ‘23 (Sinfonietta)



Phyllis Stockton ‘22