Top 10 Dunks Of All Time


Photo By Bill Baptist

In 1989 Tom chambers No.24 of the Phoenix Suns passes off against the Houston Rockets

By Amira Boutros, Dreamcatcher Assistant Editor

Basketball is one of the most entertaining sports in America, as it’s considered an exciting and fast-paced game. An impressive move a player can make is a slam dunk, causing the crowd to go wild. Out of all the plays in the history of the National Basketball Association (NBA) these ten slam dunks have surpassed the rest. 


10: Derrick Rose 

In 2010, the Chicago Bulls’ Tyrus Thomas passed the ball to his teammate Derrick Rose with eight seconds left in the game. Goran Dragic, who played for the Phoenix Suns at the time, attempted to block the shot but failed as Rose made an explosive slam dunk. 


9: LeBron James  

Over his years with Miami Heat, LeBron James has had many memorable moments but none quite like the time he dominated in a game against the Boston Celtics. He moved across the court toward the hoop while Celtics player Jason Terry tried to obstruct the play, but James was too powerful and Terry slammed into the floor. LeBron makes it and pushes his team further ahead. 


8: Scottie Pippen 

Going back to 1994, the Chicago Bulls’ Scottie Pippen crushed the New York Knicks’ Patrick Ewing’s pride. As Pippen made his slam dunk, Ewing was pushed to the floor and Pippen towered over him. 


7: Shaquille O’Neal 

In 1993, Shaquille O’Neal tore down the entire hoop after his dunk. O’Neal went to make his shot and grabbed onto the rim of the basketball hoop, and suddenly the whole backboard came tumbling down. 


6: Deandre Jordan 

In 2013, during the Los Angeles Clippers arguably best eras, Deandre Jordan brought the house down as he jumped to make a slam dunk over Brandon Knight, who was struck to the ground, astonishing Clipper fans everywhere. 


5: Tracy McGrady 

In 2005, Houston Rockets player Tracy McGrady made a ferocious dunk as he dodged Dallas Mavericks players to the rim.


4: Michael Jordan 

The legend Michael Jordan no doubt has one of the best dunks in NBA history. Using his incredible skills, Jordan dribbled the ball in one path psyching his opponent, Patrick Ewing, out as he changed direction and stuffed the ball in the basket.


3: Gerald Green 

Gerald Green in 2011 did a windmill off the lob, which is where Green jumped and circled his arm in a windmill motion, giving him more momentum as he dunked.


2: Shawn Kemp 

In 1992, Shawn Kemp, playing for the Seattle Supersonics, made one of the smoothest dunks of the year, as he slithered made it past Alton Lister, making his basket. Although, the most iconic part of the play was Kemp then pointing and mocking his opponent as Lister fell down. 


1: Tom Chambers

The most memorable slam dunk of all time goes to Tom Chambers for the Phoenix Suns, as he charges towards the basket and uses New York Knicks defender Mark Jackson as a stepping stool. Chambers jumped over Jackson and placed his knee on his opponent’s chest to give him more elevation as he scored. 

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