Students Begin Finals This Week

By Zoejane Ostebo, Extras Editor

Finals will be taking place at Westwood from Monday Dec. 14 to Thursday Dec. 17, and the exams will determine the final semester grades for students for each class. 

“I’m extremely worried about being unprepared this year. I feel rushed to get everything done while at the same time trying to keep up with my normal life,” Ruby Gross ‘23 said. 

With online learning this year, there are still only two finals a day and a two hour period for each final. There is an alternative to taking all finals, which is the exemption policy that allows students who meet the standard for a particular class to be excused from taking the fall final. However, this does mean that a student must take the spring final for the class they exempted in the fall.  After finals finish up, students will go on break and come back next year to continue their studies. 


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