PROS Application Deadline Approaches

By Lipika Chatur, Reporter

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  • PROS members donated gifts to Wooldridge elementary (which they do annually). “We do this so that the students would have some presents to open for that year,” Claire Pitre ’21 said.

  • PROS members had a campus bonding day where they spent the PROS block together and got to know each other.

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The application deadline for Peers Reaching Out and Sharing (PROS) is approaching on Friday, Feb. 8 at 9:05 a.m. PROS is a class for Juniors and Seniors. All current sophomores and juniors are eligible to apply and be in the PROS class next year. Unlike previous years, the application process will be done completely online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The PROS officers have created an application flyer to guide applicants through the process. All applicants are required to attend one of the general meetings in January to receive access to the application. Afterwards, students must complete the application and video by the deadline. Finally, applicants are required to participate in an interview which will be conducted on zoom. 

“PROS is a great opportunity to form close bonds with other kind-hearted Westwood students,” Sponsor Ms. Molly Walsh said. “I have seen students experience the heart-warming process of transforming from a shy, reserved elementary and middle school child into a confident, bright individual.” 

This year, despite COVID, the PROS officer team has been working hard to create virtual events for members to take part in. They have held many virtual competitions between the campuses (such as jeopardy and scavenger hunts), as well as socially-distanced in-person campus bonding every two weeks, where the PROS can meet up with their campus, play sand volleyball, kickball, do art together, or just chat.

“Obviously because of COVID, things have been tough for us just like everyone, but Claire [Pitre ‘21] and I had been preparing for this since summer so we were up to the task. Making the applications online was easy, since Mr. [Mike] Kristan already had the copies and our new sponsor Ms. Walsh did such a great job getting the information out and making creative flyers,” President Rohan Gupta ‘21 said. “The hardest part was doing the interviews, even though it’s easy to do them over zoom, that personal aspect is still missing. To deal with that, we had new applicants submit a video so we could see their creative side and their communication skills.”

The PROS have the opportunity to stay in contact with the elementary and middle school students by being pen pals, sending letters back and forth, sending videos back and forth, and even joining virtual calls with some of the students. The PROS team has been trying to be very involved in the elementary and middle school campuses while keeping everyone as safe as possible.

“Each year, PROS puts on a holiday toy drive for children from low-income families. Although we couldn’t give the toys directly to the kids this year, we got to see their reactions on a zoom call; watching their faces light up when they saw all of their presents made my week,” Community Service Coordinator Laney Popps ‘21 said. “PROS is one of the most special organizations I’ve ever been a part of. I get the chance to make a real difference in my kids’ lives, which is the most rewarding thing.”

If you have questions, email [email protected] or [email protected]. If you want to keep up with deadlines and other important information, follow @WestwoodPROS on Instagram. 

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