Students Participate in Regional Science Fair

The Regional Science Fair took place between Tuesday, Feb. 9 through Friday, Feb.12 and the results are now available. Though students would normally stand by their posters presenting to judges, this year was all virtual and students had 10 minutes to present to the judge panel. With a plethora of different categories, every individual put in a lot of time and effort gathering content and making their projects the best they could be.

“Because the fair was virtual this year, it actually gave me a chance to participate as it was a lot more accessible and most people could do their projects at home. Our project was about finding [out] if Withania Somnifera extracts had an impact on cell regeneration and we watched onion root tip cells that had absorbed this extract go through the cell cycle. We observed whether or not it changed due to the extracts,” Ruhee Nemawarkar ‘21 said. “I learned a lot about how important cell regenerative properties can be for applications in our daily lives, such as wound healing or anti-aging.”

Armaan Srireddy ‘23 was the only student to win the Best of Fair and advance to the International Competition. 

Below is a list of students who have received awards at the Regional Science Fair: 

Vaishnuv Thiagarajan: 1st Animal Sciences

Sandali Srivastava: 1st Behavioral & Social Sciences

Govind Ramesh: 1st Computer Science: Systems Software

Armaan Srireddy: 1st Energy: Traditional/Alternative/Energy Efficiency

Shrika Paramasivam: 2nd Biochemistry

Aneesh Vanguri: 2nd Computer Science: Hardware/ Embedded Systems

Christopher Huh: 2nd Materials Science

Hannah Lee: 3rd Chemistry

Satvik Dasari3rd Computer Science: Hardware/ Embedded Systems

Manika Aggarwal: 3rd Energy: Traditional/Alternative/Energy Efficiency

Hrushikesh Saranu: 3rd Microbiology

Ruhee Nemawarkar: 3rd Microbiology

Diya Rajon: 3rd Physics & Astronomy

Ishan Dasgupta: 4th BioMedical & Health Sciences

Shoumik Roychowdhury: 5th Computer Science: Systems Software

Varshini Loganathan: 5th Earth & Environmental Sciences