Dancers Shine in Covid-Era Escapade

Lucia Santaolalla, Dreamcatcher Editor in Chief

Despite difficult times during the last year, the SunDancer and Warrior Pride ensembles performed at Escapade on March 26 and 27. With all of the COVID-19 restrictions like face masks and social distancing, the show took place at the Raymond E. Hartfield Performing Arts Center (PAC)

“When I was dancing on stage I felt full of energy and vibrant,” Madelyn Brown ‘22 said. “After the difficult year that everyone’s had, it just felt really nice to dance on a stage with an audience and with friends.” 

In the front lobby, family members and friends could appreciate some photographs of the SunDancers and the Warrior Pride seniors. The first show took place on March 26 at 7 p.m. SunDancers and Warrior Pride shared the stage while the other dance classes appeared on a big screen dancing in pre-recorded virtual performances. The spectators enjoyed a variation of different dance styles such as hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, and tap. 

“When I dance on stage, I usually feel like people can see who I am,” Diya Kapoor ‘21 said. “They can see me, who I am as a person and it makes me feel really free and I can express myself.” 

After hours of continuous rehearsal, hard work, and team bonding, SunDancer and Warrior Pride seniors danced for the last time in their ensembles  onstage. 

“I felt really emotional on stage because it was my last time at Escapade as a senior,” Anaya Kashikar ’21 said. “ I also felt really happy to be performing with all of my teammates and really making that connection with each other while dancing which is super important to me.” 

As the show progressed, SunDancer seniors performed all together for the closing piece. 

“As a senior on the SunDancers, this was my last time performing. I was really thankful that we got to perform side-by-side as a team at least one more time my senior year ,” Kapoor ‘21 said. “I’m really glad about this legacy that I have left behind for others to remember and lean on.”

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  • SunDancers perform on stage. Photo courtesy of SunDancers

    Photo courtesy of SunDancers

  • Warrior Pride team members pose all together before their jazz piece. Photo courtesy of Warrior Pride

    Photo courtesy of Warrior Pride

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