Shakespearean Classic to be Held Outdoors for Upcoming Fall Show


Auditions for Westwood’s annual fall play were held by the theater department after school on Monday, Aug. 23, and Tuesday, Aug. 24. 

“We are so excited to get to do an in-person show,” Theater Director Lydia Coats said. “We have expanded the cast to include more characters and enhance the fantasy of the play. We also will cast irrespective of gender so that our talented students will have equal opportunity for any part.”

This year, the fall show will be The Tempest, a beloved Shakespeare classic about a shipwrecked crew of power-hungry magicians, young lovers, and many others trying to survive. The theater department is excited to showcase the talent Westwood has to offer in its first in-person show since the lockdown last year, finally being able to move past the hardships of virtual performances. The show will take place in the Amphitheatre through Oct. 7-9th and Oct. 12th, Westwood’s unique outdoor space, in order to provide audiences a safe and accessible venue to enjoy the show.