[GALLERY] Varsity Football vs Hutto High School

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  • Quarterback Owen Norrell ’24 throws the ball to an open receiver to run a play. The Warriors ran several left hooks as the game went by, some successful and some less so.

  • Jaiden Webber ’22 catches a pass from the quarterback from the right while teammate stops a defender for him. He gained several yards for the team.

  • Owen Norrell ’24 runs through defenders with the ball. Norrell made a play where he ran the ball himself instead of passing it off, and was tackled.

  • Wide receiver Grant Jaeger ’23 celebrates catching an amazing pass from the quarterback. The throw was more than 30 yards, and Jaeger was able to maintain possession for Westwood.

  • Warrior defense chases the ball to prevent a touchdown for the Hippos. They were able to tackle him before the end-zone.

  • Greta Mock ’21 stands up smiling to the crowd. The Sundancers had just finished their performance and were met by plenty of applause.

  • Jessica Hao ’21 leads the sundancers during the halftime performance. Hao was able to signal when it was time to move and when it was time to pose before, during, and after the performance.

  • The Sundancers pose in a side split position during their performance. This was the first performance of the halftime show.

  • Mike Davis ’24 passes the ball to Jaiden Webber ’23. The pass was incomplete and led to a fourth down.

  • Susan Hamilton ’23, Hannah Bresser ’24, and Sophia Baruah ’23 stand facing the Warriors home side. The SunDancers were performing alongside the Warrior band during halftime to get the crowd hyped up.

  • Greg Patterson ’23 plays his trumpet during the band’s performance. The Warrior band was performing parts one and two of their fall show, “Home Again.”

  • From left to right, Adi Jandhyala ’22, Hayden Schultz ’23, Carter Waghorne ’22, Jaiden Webber ’23, and Jackson Laughlin ’23 stand in front of their coach to discuss the next play. The Warriors were on their third down.

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