National Merit Semifinalists Announced

Westwood boasts highest percentage of Semifinalists in Texas


Alana True

Thirty-seven National Merit Semifinalists were honored at a breakfast ceremony on September 15.

National Merit Semifinalists were recognized for their academic excellence in a ceremony on Wednesday, Sept. 15. The seniors received scores on last year’s PSAT that represented the top 0.5 percent of Texas. This year, a total of 44 Westwood students earned the National Merit Semifinalist recognition. The ceremony, which took place in the small gym, was attended by counselors and administration along with the honorees. After the ceremony, breakfast was served to all of the students.

“Westwood tied with one other school for the most Semifinalists in Texas, and that other school has twice as many students in their senior class,” Lead Counselor Holly Browning said. “So, proportionally, we had the most Seminfinalists.”

The following is a complete list of Westwood’s Semifinalists for 2021:

Imran Aziz, Daniel Chen, Flora Cheng, Jeff Cunningham, Alfred Darwin, Sanat Dubey, Maxim Gao, Eric Gu, Zhongyan He, Christopher Huh, Skye Iley, Andrew Jiang, Annie Kim, Dohyun Kim, Ian Kim, Yunoo Kim, Rachel Koh, Tanisha Kundu, Carrie Li, Sarah Liau, Maimuna Masud, Alexander Maughan, Anoushka Narayan, Lucas Ngo, Sarah Qi, Govind Ramesh, Varun Ramesh, Raghav Rangan, Teresa Ren, Shoumik Roychowdhury, Hrushikesh Saranu, Luc Schwalm, Varun Srinivasan, Willow Stenglein, Aman Tewari, Raymond Wang, Reyna Wang, Jaeyeon Won, Eric Xu, Katherine Yan, Amanda Yin, Sarah Zeng, Chelsea Zhang, Rowechen Zhong.


View a slide show of the Semifinalists here.