NFL Week 2 Picks

By Josh Shippen, Reporter

Last Week: 64.75% accuracy

New York Giants vs. Washington Football Team

Pick: Washington Football Team

Washington will have struggles following the injury of their starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, but Taylor Heinicke has proven that he can be a starter that wins games for Washington and this should lead them to victory against the Giants this Thursday.


Las Vegas Raiders vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Pick: Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders’ stout offense will have an uphill battle against the dominant defense of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Steelers’ offense looked better than expected while defeating the Bills in week one. This game will be an exciting shootout, but in the end I think the Raiders are just getting started offensively and they will pull out the win in a big spot.


San Francisco 49ers vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Pick: San Francisco 49ers

It’s easy to get carried away with Jalen Hurts and the Eagles, but the Eagles were playing the Falcons defense and dropping 38 points on the Falcons defense is not necessarily a huge feat. The 49ers are still the better built team, and should pull a win against Philadelphia.


Houston Texans vs. Cleveland Browns

Pick: Cleveland Browns  

Don’t get excited thinking the Texans will drop 40 points on every team they face and especially not on the Browns, who nearly beat the Chiefs last week. I don’t expect Tyrod Taylor to play at a high level every week, and I think the Browns will be able to run the ball down their throats. This should be a landslide win for the Browns.


Denver Broncos vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Pick: Denver Broncos

Jacksonville was not firing on all cylinders playing against Houston on offense or defense last week. Teddy Bridgewater should have no problems passing all over this defense and Von Miller will be primed to make life miserable for Trevor Lawrence in his second NFL start.


New Orleans Saints vs. Carolina Panthers

Pick: New Orleans Saints

The Saints had a massive success against the Green Bay Packers last week, and that win should propel New Orleans to an easy win against Carolina, who was in danger of blowing a lead to the New York Giants.


Los Angeles Rams vs. Indianapolis Colts

Pick: Los Angeles Rams

The Rams looked extremely strong on both offense and defense last week. Meanwhile the Colts may not have been horrible on offense, but they certainly do not have the power that they had last year. I am expecting this to be one of many Rams’ wins to come over the next few years.


Buffalo Bills vs. Miami Dolphins

Pick: Buffalo Bills

The Bills had an extremely rough week one but a matchup against the Miami Dolphins is just what Josh Allen needs to get his groove back. I’m holding out hope that Allen can get the MVP and the Bills can go all the way, but after week one it will be an uphill battle.


New England Patriots vs. New York Jets

Pick: New England Patriots  

Even though the Patriots are very much a team in rebuild, the Jets are a really awful team right now. The Patriots shouldn’t have too much trouble in this game, but I would watch Zach Wilson to see if he gets better at evading pressure.


Cincinnati Bengals vs. Chicago Bears

Pick: Chicago Bears

Andy Dalton looked better than expected against the Rams and should be able to hold his own against the Cincinnati Bengals defense. Joe Burrow may be a quarterback on the rise, but I’d give the overall team  and  experience edge to Dalton and the Bears.


Atlanta Falcons vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Pick: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Falcons had one of the worst opening games of any NFL team, and the last team they should have to face is the Super Bowl Champion, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This will be a landslide win for Tampa, in my mind there is no hope for Atlanta to pull out the win.


Minnesota Vikings vs. Arizona Cardinals

Pick: Arizona Cardinals

The Vikings were really lackluster against the Bengals on Sunday and they will now go to face the Cardinals who had the best quarterback of week one. I expect Minnesota to get decimated, and for this loss to be the beginning of a very long, painful skid into mediocrity.


Tennessee Titans vs. Seattle Seahawks

Pick: Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks are looking strong offensively and the Titans had abundant struggles in their week one loss to the Cardinals. Seattle will have an easy win against the Titans team that will struggle to get back on its feet. However, do not be surprised if this is a one score game and if the Titans recover in week three.


Dallas Cowboys vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Pick: Dallas Cowboys  

Had it not been for Greg Zuerlein costing the Cowboys seven points, the Cowboys would have knocked off the Buccaneers in week one and been the hottest team in the NFL. That said, this next game should be an easy win for the Cowboys’ offense, and I fully expect Dak to be an MVP candidate by the end of the season.


Kansas City Chiefs vs. Baltimore Ravens

Pick: Kansas City Chiefs

What needs to be said, the Chiefs are the Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes pulled the week one victory from under the Browns’ feet and looked as if he had returned to his dominant self. The Chiefs should have no issue knocking off this injury riddled Ravens team, and I do not think it will be close.


Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers

Pick: Green Bay Packers  

Even though the Packers struggled greatly in week one, I do not think this is the end for the Packers by any stretch. The Packers should have an easy game ahead of them that will give them a chance to get on their feet and pass all over the Lions.


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