Week 3 QB Index

By Josh Shippen, Reporter

1. Tom Brady +4

It only took three weeks for Brady to jump from ninth to first place on the QB index. Brady had another prolific showing against the Falcons, throwing for five touchdown passes including two to his favorite target, Rob Gronkowski.

2. Patrick Mahomes -1

Patrick Mahomes was not able to pull his team out of an embarrassing loss this time. Granted it was not his fault at all, but it is a blot on his record nonetheless that there was one close loss that he didn’t save.

3. Kyler Murray

Murray’s aggressive offense is by far the most fun to watch in the NFL. Murray has been turning Christian Kirk into a monstrous weapon and elevating DeAndre Hopkins per the usual expectation. 

4. Josh Allen +2

Josh Allen looked more like we expected him to against the Dolphins. Allen helped to put 35 points up on the board against the Brissett’s Dolphins, and helped the Bills once again look like a Super Bowl contender.

5. Aaron Rodgers +6

Four touchdowns through the air with no picks looks more like the Aaron Rodgers we know, and makes me believe that the Packers are still an extremely viable NFC contender. The reigning MVP is back to play.

6. Matthew Stafford +4

Stafford is much more fun to watch when he is not stuck in the Lions’ offense. Stafford was doing a superb job of throwing deep and looks like he has an even better connection with Cooper Kupp than Jared Goff did.

7. Russell Wilson 

Wilson was not able to stop the Titans in their comeback win on Sunday, but for three quarters Wilson was still doing incredible when it came to moving the ball efficiently and not making mistakes.

8. Derek Carr +6

Derek Carr is not a fluke. Carr has gone from a quarterback who holds his team back from contention to a quarterback who elevates the talent around him. Not just Darren Waller, Carr helped former first round pick, Henry Ruggs, to go over 100 yards and is making playmakers out of Bryan Edwards and Hunter Renfrow.

9. Lamar Jackson -4

Sure Lamar ended up bringing a win for the Ravens against the Chiefs, but he did look sloppy early on in this game. This brings abundant worries about Lamar as a passer, but as a runner he is the best in NFL history so worries shouldn’t be too severe.

10. Baker Mayfield +5

Baker Mayfield had one interception, one incomplete pass, and nineteen complete passes against Houston last week, and somehow did it without the help of Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry. Baker, as well as Derek Carr, is doing an excellent job of elevating the players around him.

11. Dak Prescott -9

Dak Prescott looked sloppy in comparison to his 400 yard performance in week one, but it shouldn’t be a problem in future weeks as Prescott continues to improve and create a dominant offense.

12. Justin Herbert -4

Similarly to Dak Prescott, Justin Herbert had a sloppy game against the Cowboys with one touchdown against two picks. I worry that his offensive weapons do not meet expectations enough to make Herbert an elite quarterback in year two.

13. Ryan Tannehill +1

At this point it is fair to question whether Ryan Tannehill is relying on Derrick Henry to be successful, but there is no doubting that Henry or no Henry Tannehill played much better in week two.

14. Joe Burrow -5

Burrow fell apart against the Bears with three interceptions, but still did enough to keep the Bengals in the game for all quarters. Burrow is not usually this prone to interceptions, so there is no reason to believe this will carry over into further weeks.

15. Teddy Bridgewater +5

Bridgewater has been more than just consistent, he has been extremely effective in leading a strong Broncos offense to complement their nasty defense. This season could be the long awaited breakout year that he has been seeking.

16. Jimmy Garoppolo

Jimmy’s consistent play begs the question of what do the 49ers hope to achieve by starting Trey Lance over Jimmy Garoppolo? Lance will see the bench for plenty of time this year, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing given how Garoppolo has been playing.

17. Mac Jones +13

Mac Jones is a very consistent game manager, and for now that is enough for the rookie quarterback especially given the emergence of Damien Harris and James White to carry the ground game.

18. Kirk Cousins +6

Kirk Cousins is still a checkdown king, but credit where credit’s due to Cousins for keeping face with one of the best offenses in the league in week two. If Cousins could learn how to close out games then he would be leading the charge for a Vikings’ team ready to make the playoffs. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

19. Jared Goff

Jared Goff played well in the first half of Monday Night Football, but crumbled in the second half as Aaron Rodgers and his offense dominated the rest of the game. Goff had some really bad passes including a really horrible end zone pass that went right through Kevin King’s hands, but he is not as ruinous as people will lead you to believe. 

20. Jameis Winston -8

Week two Jameis looked more like the quarterback we expect, throwing no touchdowns and two picks against the Carolina Panthers defense on Sunday. This doesn’t mean that backup Taysom Hill will be seeing time soon, but it does mean that the Saints are not as ready to compete as they thought they were in week one.

21. Ben Roethlisberger +1

Roethlisberger is aging poorly and on top of that he is in the midst of injury concerns. Big Ben is certainly beginning his steady decline, and it will show as Pittsburgh starts to lose more games.

22. Sam Darnold +6

Apparently Sam Darnold is not as bad as we all thought. Perhaps New York was just a really awful destination for the former USC passer. Darnold has had a relatively mistake free start to his season, and I am sure both he and the Panthers hope it stays that way.

23. Matt Ryan +2

Poor Matty Ice. Having no receiving core and facing the Buccaneers is not exactly a recipe for success, and this caused Ryan to have an uncharacteristically mistake heavy performance against Tampa. Unfortunately, these issues are likely to continue as the Falcons continue to see how shallow their offense truly is.

24. Taylor Heinicke +3

The Heinicke hype will surely end soon as he is revealed to be a fluke, but for now the former backup is far exceeding expectations in the wake of Ryan Fitzpatrick. 

25. Jalen Hurts -8

Hurts followed up a strong week one performance with an exceptionally modest week two showing against the 49ers defense. Modest, but not fatal. It remains to be seen just how good Hurts actually is, but time will tell for the Eagles.

26. Daniel Jones +6

Jones certainly looked remarkably better than he did in week one, and against a strong defense too. Additionally, Jones is facing the Falcons defense, so expect a strong game from Jones this week.

27. Justin Fields

Fields made his first meaningful appearance last week against the Bengals following Andy Dalton’s injury, and he looked inexperienced and rusty. Hopefully this is ironed out as his first start quickly approaches.

28. Trevor Lawrence +3

Lawrence is struggling a little too much for comfort, and a week three matchup against the Cardinals is going to be brutal for the young passer.

29. Jacoby Brissett

Jacoby Brissett is the new incoming Ryan Fitzpatrick. A likeable backup who is a staple during injuries and proceeding entrances of new quarterbacks. Brissett will have to try and hold back the onslaught of the Raiders following a game where his offense was unable to score any points.

30. Zach Wilson

Wilson had a really horrible game against the Patriots on Sunday and while it is partly due to his incredibly horrible offensive line, there are clearly some issues with his passing that the Jets need to address. I have faith that Wilson will one day be an extremely successful quarterback, but for now there is a lot to work on.

31. Jacob Eason

Eason was one of my favorite players coming out of the 2020 NFL Draft, and following Carson Wentz’s injury, he will likely be able to prove his worth against the Titans defense who will be without Bud Dupree, Caleb Farley, and Jayon Brown.

32. Davis Mills 

The third round pick of the Houston Texans will get an unexpected start against the Panthers on Thursday Night Football, and if his short playing time against the Browns told us anything it’s that Mills is not ready to play in an NFL offense.


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