NFL Week 8 QB Index

Josh Shippen, Reporter

1. Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray has been keeping up his reign as the best quarterback of 2021, and he should look really good while Rodgers likely struggles without Davante Adams, Marquez Valdes-Scantling, and Allen Lazard as receiving weapons.

2. Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson is continuing to excel as a passer, and even despite Sunday’s loss, Jackson and the Ravens are a more than viable option for the best team in the AFC.

3. Dak Prescott

At this point, Dak Prescott has all but locked in the Comeback Player of the Year award, and the Cowboys look like one of many NFC teams ready to make a Super Bowl team because of this incredible play.

4. Tom Brady +1

Everybody laughed at Tom Brady when he said he wanted to play until he was 50, and even though that still looks like a ridiculous claim nobody has played as well as Brady at age 44.


5. Justin Herbert +4

After coming off a bye week, a rejuvenated Justin Herbert needs to have a good week against the surging New England Patriots. Another 100 yard game between Herbert and wide receiver Mike Williams seems imminent.

6. Josh Allen 

Josh Allen might be a tad overrated this year, but that does not change that the Bills are completely destroying almost every team in their path. A face-off against the Miami Dolphins should go very well for the Bills, and especially for Allen.

7. Aaron Rodgers +1

I would expect Aaron Rodgers to struggle without Davante Adams, Allen Lazard and Marquez Valdes-Scantling, but knowing Rodgers he will pull a 400 yard game out of nowhere to stay in contention against the 7-0 Arizona Cardinals.

8. Joe Burrow +2

JaMarr Chase is turning out to be a godsend for Joe Burrow who could not have asked for a better second year after suffering a devastating injury in his rookie year. Burrow should be able to run circles around Mike White and the New York Jets on Sunday.

9. Ryan Tannehill +2

The whole narrative around Ryan Tannehill has been that he relies on Derrick Henry to succeed, but even as Henry was moved out of the limelight on Sunday, Tannehill succeeded in leading a Titans offense that all but annihilated the Kansas City Chiefs.

10. Derek Carr +2

After a two week slump, Derek Carr is back to lifting up the talent around him. Hunter Renfrow and Henry Ruggs are having amazing seasons, and most of Carr’s success has come without the help of Darren Waller.

11. Matthew Stafford -4

Matthew Stafford has led the Rams to an even better season than expected after a middling offense squeezed their way into the Wild Card playoffs last year. One can only hope that he can get the Rams’ Super Bowl window to re-open and get a title after years stuck in Detroit.

12. Matt Ryan +1

If Matt Ryan manages to lead this roster to a playoff spot by the end of the year, we should be singing praises about him and Arthur Smith because at the beginning of the year, this team and this quarterback looked completely lost.

13. Carson Wentz +1

After a horrible start to the season, Carson Wentz is slowly but surely taking steps to return to form after a really horrible last season in Philadelphia. Wentz did nearly throw three interceptions on Sunday Night, but his highs far outweigh his mistakes.

14. Mac Jones +2

Mac Jones looks like the runaway for best rookie quarterback up to this point of the season, and if he can walk away from the Los Angeles Chargers with the win then there should be serious thought of Jones leading this team to a playoff run. 

15. Patrick Mahomes -11

Patrick Mahomes’ play has really fallen off as the season has gone along, and it’s fair to wonder if the Chiefs will end 2021 with a losing record. Brett Veitch and Andy Reid need to spend some time getting receivers around Mahomes that can catch.

16. Tua Tagovailoa +10

It’s official, Tua Tagovailoa is not the problem in Miami. Tagovailoa  is clearly better than backup quarterback Jacoby Brissett, and although the Dolphins have lost both of their games since the second year starter has been in the lineup, the matchups have been closer and more high scoring.

17. Kirk Cousins -2

Kirk Cousins may have been having some good showings as of late, but the Cousins and PrimeTime are like oil and water, and that is the matchup that we are scheduled to see.

18. Tyrod Taylor 

Tyrod Taylor’s re-entry to Houston’s lineup is massive for the Texans who have been killed by poor play by rookie backup Davis Mills. The sample size we have of Taylor was excellent. Taylor looked like the piece of offense that was missing against the Jaguars and Browns, and might be able to keep the Texans more competitive.

19. Case Keenum +8

Case Keenum looked like one of the best backups for the league after putting clown suits on the Denver Broncos’ defense and completing excellent passes all night long. His deep ball is a little painful to watch, but he will do a great job of holding the fort until Baker Mayfield is back.

20. Ben Roethlisberger -1

If Ben Roethlisberger can pull a magical performance out of nowhere then he might be able to beat the injury plagued Cleveland Browns, but chances are that Roethlisberger embaresses himself against a team led by a backup quarterback.

21. Teddy Bridgewater 

Early in the season, Teddy Bridgewater looked like a viable starting quarterback. Now against real NFL defenses, Bridgewater looks like a staple quarterback at best and drives home that the Broncos need to search for a starter in the offseason.

22. Daniel Jones +7

The Giants have moved from a completely horrible offense with no excitement to an on again off again offense that could be beating the Saints one week, and laying down and dying against the Broncos the next.

23. Jalen Hurts -5

At this point, Jalen Hurts needs to stop barely losing games and make this offense something more than a second half offense. Until he does that, he is not a starting caliber quarterback.

24. Jameis Winston -1

Not only did Jameis Winston have some really bad throws against the Seattle Seahawks, he was boring which is something that you would not generally expect from this particular quarterback. Winston is not an effective starter for this team.

25. Jimmy Garoppolo -5

I’ve seen enough from Jimmy Garoppolo to the point where I want him out of the starting lineup. It would be in the best interest of the Niners to get good value in a trade with Garoppolo and ride the rest of a lost season out with Trey Lance.

26. Trevor Lawrence -4

After a week of rest, the Jaguars will need to impress the league with a win over the horrible Seattle Seahawks. If Trevor Lawrence cannot keep up with Geno Smith, the Jaguars have a problem at the quarterback position.

27. Taylor Heinicke -3

Taylor Heinicke has started to struggle in the starting spot for Washington, and his eventual decline should hopefully give Washington the realization that they should be looking for a quarterback in the offseason.

28. Jared Goff +2

Jared Goff is potentially the most disappointing quarterback of 2021, and expectations weren’t exactly high coming into the season. Goff has not been able to lead this offense at all, and it is glaringly apparent as the Lions continue to lose games.

29. Justin Fields -10

Justin Fields is clearly talented, but he and this Bears team are prone to laying down and dying against teams like the Buccaneers and Packers. Fields needs to play better against stronger opponents.

30. Sam Darnold -5

Sam Darnold got benched and it’s only week 7. It’s a shame that the Panthers have an issue to fix that they thought was solved in week 3 with their starting quarterback.

31. Geno Smith

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there is no backup quarterback that I would want less in my starting spot than Geno Smith. Smith had yet another game-killing fourth quarter drive to drop the Seahawks to 2-5, and the Seahawks are all but a distant memory in the NFC race.

32. Mike White

With a horrible team around him and no NFL startings to give him experience, Mike White will have a disastrous start against the surging Cincinnati Bengals defense.