Varsity Football Gets Eaten Alive by Vipers 70-3

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  • Wide receiver Grant Jaeger ’23 runs down the field to get open for a pass. Unfortunately, the pass was interfered by their opponents.

  • Owen Norrell ’24, Spencer Miller ’22, and Marcus Clinton ’22 look to their coach for the next play. Miller later passed the ball to the ref to continue the game.

  • Emarion Lopez ’23 looks to coach for directions. This was before a Warriors’ third down.

  • The Warriors shake hands with the Vipers. The game ended in a 70-3 loss.

  • The Warriors try to stop their opponents from gaining yardage. However, they were unsuccessful, and the play resulted in a first down near the goal line for Vandegrift.

  • Wide receiver Grant Jaeger ’23 attempts to run past his opponent. He was successful. However, not enough yardage was gained, so the Warriors ended up on a third down.

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After a brutal fall from last week’s homecoming game, the Warriors were eager to improve against Vandegrift. However, they fell short of their goal with a 70-3 loss.

After winning the coin toss, the Warriors started strong with a kickoff made by Matthew Jack ’22. Darion Barnes ’22 intercepted the ball off a Vipers’ first down and was able to get the ball back for the Warriors. However, they were unable to gain any yardage due to a tight defense. Jack was able to score off of a field goal, putting the first points onto the scoreboard. However, less than a minute later, the Vipers scored a touchdown, running a total of 60 yards without being stopped by the defense. After the kickoff, the Vipers were able to intercept the ball and score again. They were able to score again after intercepting a kick, making the score at the end of the first quarter 21-3.

The second quarter started with two interceptions made by Barnes. He was able to gain several yardages for the Warriors. However, despite his strong attempt, the Vipers’ defense was able to hold back the Warriors. After three unsuccessful runs, the Warriors had no choice but to kick the ball. The Vipers intercepted the ball, and Vandegrift’s quarterback made a 60-yard pass to score another touchdown. Three minutes later, the Vipers scored again, with a solid 50-yard pass into the endzone. The final score of the half was 35-3.

“I feel like we weren’t as prepared as we were supposed to be,” Emarion Lopez ‘23 said. “If we would have prepared for longer the outcome wouldn’t have looked the way it did.”

The second half started with two Viper touchdowns, both made in less than 15 seconds on the clock. Zach Pryor ’22 was able to push the team up several yards but was ultimately blocked off by the Vipers’ strong defense. The Vipers were able to score a total of four touchdowns in the second half. The game ended with the Vipers victorious, 70-3.

The Warriors will play the Cedar Ridge Raiders next Friday, Oct. 29, at the Dragon Stadium.