Week 5 NFL Picks

By Josh Shippen, Reporter

Last Week: 62.50% Accuracy


Los Angeles Rams vs. Seattle Seahawks

Pick: Los Angeles Rams

Don’t be fooled by the Rams’ off game in week four, Los Angeles is the far superior team in this matchup. Matthew Stafford should be successful in leading a high powered offense against a mediocre defense. As long as LA’s defense can contain Russell Wilson, the Seahawks offense should be no problem.


New York Jets vs. Atlanta Falcons

Pick: Atlanta Falcons

The Jets had a really good game against the Tennessee Titans, due to both the success of Zach Wilson in the passing game and the protection from the offensive line. Now let’s see if they can pass the test against a stronger offense that is not missing its two starting receivers. It will be an uphill battle, but possibly doable.


New England Patriots vs. Houston Texans

Pick: New England Patriots

I’m not going to pretend that the Patriots are anything special, but it doesn’t take much to knock off a Houston Texans team, starting one of the most inexperienced backup quarterbacks in football. Davis Mills had one of the most brutal starts in recent memory, and it will be fresh on the Texans minds coming into Sunday.


Detroit Lions vs. Minnesota Vikings

Pick: Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings have a strong offense, don’t let last Sunday’s score against the Browns fool you. Meanwhile, the Lions are now struggling to put up points against a mid level Bears’ defense, and look like one of the slowest offenses in the NFL. I would be surprised if this is anything short of a cake walk for the Vikings.


Philadelphia Eagles vs. Carolina Panthers

Pick: Carolina Panthers

Coming fresh off their first loss to the Dallas Cowboys, the Panthers will move to another NFC East team in the Eagles. Despite the offensive success of Jalen Hurts, the Eagles have one of the worst defenses in the NFL and the Panthers have one of the best passing offenses in four weeks. Even though the Panthers are being dubbed as a fake team, there is no reason they cannot win with ease against the Eagles.


New Orleans Saints vs. Washington Football Team

Pick: New Orleans Saints

The Saints are a very tricky team to pick. Jameis Winston seems to revolve from stardom to backup on a weekly basis, and the defense is able to hold Aaron Rodgers to two picks and a field goal, but gives up over 400 passing yards to Daniel Jones and the Giants’ offense.


Tennessee Titans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Pick: Tennessee Titans

It’s a little early to be singing praises of doom and gloom for the Titans. One must remember that they were down both their receivers on offense, and the Jets were playing at their offensive peak aside from the running game. Tennessee should have a textbook win ahead of them against the Jaguars.


Miami Dolphins vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Pick: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Dolphins have gone from an operation that showed promise with a young quarterback to a team that cannot get a stop on defense and cannot move the ball on offense. That is not a good combination to have when going against the high powered Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


Green Bay Packers vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Pick: Cincinnati Bengals

One thing that separates the Bengals from the rest of the league is that they have the best rookie in the NFL in four weeks. Ja’Marr Chase’s connection with Joe Burrow is making a massive difference on the field, and Logan Wilson has done an amazing job of leading a surprisingly stingy defense on the other side. It will be a close contest, but I think the Bengals can pull away with a win against the Packers.


Denver Broncos vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers

No team’s expectations have plunged so far from week one as have the Pittsburgh Steelers. After beating the Buffalo Bills team, they moved to lose their next three games with an average defense and a slow offense. Nevertheless, even the worst offense in the NFL should have no problem keeping up with Drew Lock in the Broncos offense.


Chicago Bears vs. Las Vegas Raiders

Pick: Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders are the inverse version of the Minnesota Vikings. The Raiders do not open games strong, but they pull it together enough to always have a strong second half comeback. The Raiders will not need to have that comeback against the Bears who are starting the worst of the first round rookie quarterbacks and look mediocre on offense and defense.


Cleveland Browns vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Pick: Los Angeles Chargers

One sure fire way to turn heads is to knock off an undefeated team and the Kansas City Chiefs in back to back weeks, and to showcase your second year quarterback as an early MVP candidate. The Chargers will have a tough contest against one of the most well built teams in the NFL, but Justin Herbert should have enough to pass all over this defense.


New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys

Pick: Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys have arguably had a top five offense to open the 2021 season. Combat this to the Giants who took three losses full of offensive failure, including a loss to one of the most horrible defenses in the NFL in the Atlanta Falcons. This should be the easiest win the Cowboys have had all season.


San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals

Pick: Arizona Cardinals

The 49ers’ success with the remnants of a Super Bowl team over the first four weeks of 2021 has been remarkable, but is inevitably no match for the most dangerous team in the NFL, the Arizona Cardinals. The last remaining undefeated team is a juggernaut that will require the absolute best effort that a team has to offer.


Buffalo Bills vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Pick: Kansas City Chiefs

The Bills have had two shutouts and one extremely decisive win to start out their season. Unfortunately the opponents they have won against include the Dolphins, Washington, and most recently, the Houston Texans; Not exactly a competitive group. It remains to be seen whether they can keep pace with one of the best offenses of the past two decades.


Indianapolis Colts vs. Baltimore Ravens

Pick: Baltimore Ravens

This game should never have reached Prime Time. I have no faith that a Colts’ team with an underperforming defense and a slow offense can lead the charge to win against a Ravens team led by a far superior quarterback and a more put together team. This should be a massive blowout in the Ravens’ favor.


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