Week 6 NFL QB Index

By Josh Shippen, Reporter

1. Kyler Murray

A week one stumble against a tough 49ers defense should not be a point of concern for Kyler Murray who has been playing at an extremely high level through the duration of the season.

2. Justin Herbert +2

Justin Herbert is single handedly solving a problem that Phillip Rivers could never solve. The Chargers are closing out close games, and they have a truly unstoppable offense. For everyone singing sea poems about Kyler Murray being the runaway MVP candidate, do not overlook Herbert.

3. Tom Brady +4

Tom Brady throwing for five touchdowns and no interceptions against the Dolphins shut everyone up very quickly following a narrow win by Tampa Bay against New England. Friendly reminder that Brady is the best professional athlete in sports history.

4. Dak Prescott +1

A mix of horrible offensive luck from the Giants and continually dominant play from Dak Prescott were all contributing factors to Prescott leading this NFC East powerhouse to score 45 points against their division rival.

5. Josh Allen -2

There is no denying that Josh Allen is a truly incredible talent, but do not underestimate how truly well built the team around him is. A top level defense with reliable offensive pieces is the perfect recipe for a Super Bowl team.

6. Patrick Mahomes -4

Patrick Mahomes was far from perfect against the Bills on Sunday night, which is a pretty huge statement considering how prolific Mahomes has been at leading his team to fourth quarter comebacks.

7. Aaron Rodgers +1

Aaron Rodgers should get credit for being one of the great all time quarterbacks, but let’s face it; Rodgers was extremely lucky to pull out a win after Sunday’s field goal debacle. An absolute refusal from kickers Mason Crosby and Evan McPherson to kick a game winning field goal nullifies how well both of these quarterbacks played.

8. Lamar Jackson +5

Lamar Jackson had a great passing day. That might not seem weird to say about a quarterback, but Jacksonis the best running quarterback in NFL history, and has at times relied exclusively on that to win games.

9. Matthew Stafford -3

Matthew Stafford has continual opportunities to show off his amazing arm strength as the Rams continue to power through bad teams, but he is not moving the offense at the same incredible speed of the first three weeks of the season.

10. Joe Burrow

As was said with Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback play is lost in the complete incompetence of Evan McPherson and Mason Crosby, but it should be noted how strong Burrow’s connection is with Tyler Boyd, Ja’Marr Chase, and Tee Higgins. This will be a powerhouse offense for years to come.

11. Ryan Tannehill +1

Any quarterback will have a good day as long as they are facing the Jaguars defense. If only Ryan Tannehill was having the type of season that he has had in 2018-2020. In other words, record breaking passer ratings with the yards per attempt to match.

12. Derek Carr -1

Whatever funk Derek Carr is in, the Raiders should work on fixing it. Unfortunately, after the firing of head coach Jon Gruden the Raiders will likely be in a poor spot offensively and defensively for a few weeks while they rebuild their gameplan.

13. Baker Mayfield +2

It should never be understated how much Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt boost this offense. That said, Baker Mayfield had an extremely strong game against the tough Los Angeles Chargers. Unfortunately, a weak receiving core has killed the Browns, and it is killing Mayfield in big spots.

14. Matt Ryan 

Matt Ryan seems to have distanced himself and his team from week one, and that is definitely a good thing. Naysayers claiming that Ryan should be removed from the offense should take into account how well this season has gone under a new GM, new head coach, and completely talent poor roster.

15. Carson Wentz +5

Carson Wentz’s 400 yard performance and good decision making are completely overlooked by the fact that he and his offense completely blew this game. That said, this is still a step in the right direction for a quarterback whose starting role has been questioned many times.

16. Teddy Bridgewater

Perhaps Teddy Bridgewater really is just a game manager. Bridgewater had his first turnover in a less than exciting matchup against the equally boring Pittsburgh Steelers. At this point we know exactly what to expect from Bridgewater, and it seems likely that he will not hold the starting job come week one of 2022.

17. Kirk Cousins

Speaking of quarterbacks whose starting spots should be in danger, scoring 19 points is completely unacceptable when Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen are the best receiver tandem in the league and Alexander Mattison keeps ripping off 100 yard performances. Imagine how this season would be going if Derek Carr was on this roster.

18. Jameis Winston +5

Don’t trust any performance that Jameis Winston puts up. You can almost say that Winston and the Saints follow a perfect pattern of alternating weeks of good play and bad play. I have lost the ability to use any analytical ability on Winston or the Saints.

19. Jalen Hurts -1

An absolutely horrendous Philadelphia defense is killing what would otherwise be a breakout season for Jalen Hurts who has made massive improvements to his deep ball and his overall release of the football. 

20. Jimmy Garoppolo -1

Jimmy Garoppolo is classically horrible at playing well after returning from injury, but even a matchup against the Indianapolis Colts is extremely winnable for a broken quarterback.

21. Ben Roethlisberger +5

Ben Roethlisberger’s performance against a usually strong Broncos defense is the first good sign of Roethlisberger’s season which up to this point has been an unmitigated disaster. It is unlikely that good games like this will happen in the future.

22. Sam Darnold -6

Sam Darnold might as well have put his Jets jersey back on after posting his worst game of 2020. Hopefully Darnold is just rusty from his New York tenure, but if he falters against the Vikings and the Giants, then his starting role should start to be questioned going into 2022.

23. Justin Fields +8

The blaring warning alarms for Justin Fields have been temporarily silenced. Fields managed to keep his overall performance at a more than acceptable level and lead a strong charge to beat the Las Vegas Raiders. It finally looks like Fields could pay off.

24. Mac Jones -3

Mac Jones nearly had a disastrous performance against a horrible Texans team on Sunday, and as his flaws are beginning to be exposed the question should be asked as to whether or not the Patriots can beat even middle tier teams.

25. Taylor Heinicke -3

The Taylor Heinicke renaissance is coming to a stuttering halt after bad losses to the Buffalo Bills and New Orleans Saints, but for the Heinicke fans out there, there is plenty of hope to be found. If there was any time for Heinicke to prove himself, it would be against Kansas City.

26. Jared Goff -1

Few trades over the past half decade have gone as poorly for any team as has the Goff-Stafford trade for the Lions. Jared Goff is clearly a massive downgrade on strong armed Matthew Stafford, and every week the Lions fall further and further from relevance.

27. Tua Tagovailoa

If I were a Dolphins fan, I would not be holding my breath for a prolific Tua Tagovailoa  performance coming off of yet another injury. However, it should be an improvement on Jacoby Brissett who has been a less than impressive placeholder for the young second year quarterback.

28. Trevor Lawrence

Trevor Lawrence is clearly making less mistakes and feeling more comfortable in an NFL offense, but he has to start scoring more points if the Jaguars want to prove that their first round investment was not a failure.

29. Zach Wilson -1

A lost season for Zach Wilson will still give him time to improve his mechanics, although with an abysmal supporting cast and a dreadful offensive line to match.

30. Davis Mills +2

Davis Mills performed marginally better against an underperforming defense in the New England Patriots, and knowing that Mills has one of the worst performances of 2021 under his belt certainly implies that he will have an aggressive fall back to Earth in week 6.

31. Mike Glennon

We have seen Mike Glennon play and we know who he is. New York will be hard pressed to win a game until Daniel Jones returns.

32. Geno Smith

No backup quarterback is worse in the NFL than Geno Smith. I would not pick the Seahawks to win against the Detroit Lions with Smith under center. Bad job of getting depth behind Russell Wilson in an already shallow roster.


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