NFL Week 10 Picks

Josh Shippen, Reporter

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Baltimore Ravens vs. Miami Dolphins

Pick: Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore continues to be the masters of closing out close games with their matchup against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. Now with Miami quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa, either injured or completely out with an injury, the Dolphins will be hard pressed to find success after barely escaping from Houston with a win.


New Orleans Saints vs. Tennessee Titans

Pick: Tennessee Titans

Although Trevor Siemian has proved to be an effective replacement for Jameis Winston, Tennessee seems to be the unstoppable force of the AFC even without star running back Derrick Henry, and the hot and cold New Orleans Saints are going to find getting a win to be an extremely difficult task.


Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets

Pick: Buffalo Bills

Even though the New York Jets have pulled out surprise wins against the Cincinnati Bengals and Tennessee Titans in the past, Buffalo is still clearly the better team and this will work to their advantage against the New York Jets team that simply cannot play a game without losing their starting quarterback.


Detroit Lions vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers

After a come from behind contest with Chicago that proved the Steelers to be an extremely formidable opponent, the yellow and black will be able to get an easy victory against the winless Detroit Lions. There is no trap game here, Detroit has been so aggressively ineffective on both sides of the ball that Pittsburgh will have no trouble coming away with a win.


Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Indianapolis Colts

Pick: Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts have become a more solid team, if not a powerhouse that can actually defend against an opponent with a winning record. The Colts should have no problems against a Jacksonville Jaguars team that struggled to score points against the Buffalo Bills’ defense.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Washington Football Team

Pick: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This rematch of the exciting 2020 playoff matchup will likely prove to be far less exciting than its predecessor. For one, quarterback, Taylor Heinicke, seems to be steadily getting worse with every consecutive week, and for another the Buccaneers have been highly successful in keeping games out of reach for opponents.


Cleveland Browns vs. New England Patriots

Pick: New England Patriots

The New England Patriots look more and more like the team to beat in the AFC East, and a statement win against the Cleveland Browns should solidify the argument to make the Patriots the favorite over the Buffalo Bills.


Atlanta Falcons vs. Dallas Cowboys

Pick: Dallas Cowboys

It may seem that based on week nine’s results Atlanta would be the favorite for this week, but their recent collapse against the Carolina Panthers coupled with the moderately consistent success of the Dallas Cowboys suggests the opposite outcome. I would be shocked if Dallas did nothing short of relentlessly push Atlanta around.


Carolina Panthers vs. Arizona Cardinals

Pick: Arizona Cardinals

We saw what Arizona was able to do with Colt McCoy in the starting lineup, so imagine the massacre that will ensue once superstar quarterback, Kyler Murray, re-enters the scene. The Panthers, and especially quarterback Sam Darnold, have shrunk against big opponents, and that is due to happen once again in this matchup.


Minnesota Vikings vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Pick: Minnesota Vikings

Something feels wrong about the Los Angeles Chargers. Whether it’s their offensive collapse following two of the best offensive games in the NFL or their inability to stop other teams on defense, it feels only fitting that a desperate Vikings team will be able to drop the Los Angeles Chargers to 5-5.


Seattle Seahawks vs. Green Bay Packers

Pick: Green Bay Packers

Even with Russell Wilson back in the starting lineup, the Seattle Seahawks have a multitude of issues to address in almost every facet of their game. Wilson will likely need a couple weeks to re-adjust after missing games for injury for the first time in his career, causing a collapse for the Seahawks.


Philadelphia Eagles vs. Denver Broncos

Pick: Denver Broncos

Granted, any Denver Broncos fan that is honest with themselves will admit to how much of a fluke their win against Dallas was, but a strong offensive and defensive performance certainly suggests brighter horizons, and they are in a prime position to back themselves up against the wretched Eagles’ defense.


Kansas City Chiefs vs. Las Vegas Raiders

Pick: Las Vegas Raiders

After lucking out with the Aaron Rodgers’ Covid situation, the Kansas City Chiefs will once again be forced to face a real opponent, a task which has plagued the Chiefs for weeks now. Additionally, the Raiders should be motivated to win this game now that each AFC West team is evenly tied at five wins.


Los Angeles Rams vs. San Francisco 49ers

Pick: Los Angeles Rams

Matthew Stafford will likely not follow up his disappointing week nine performance against a 49ers defense that could not stop Colt McCoy through the air and James Conner on the ground. Cooper Kupp and Matthew Stafford should have no problems beating the 49ers on Monday Night Football.