NFL Week 9 QB Index

Josh Shippen, Reporter

1. Lamar Jackson +1

Lamar Jackson has led the most surprising offense in the NFL to an extremely successful first half of the season, and has closed out close games better than any other quarterback. It seems unlikely that he will make another run at the MVP award, but if he has an extremely dominant second half, then that could be a plausible reality.

2. Kyler Murray -1

Week eight was Kyler Murray’s first bad week in a while, and the Cardinals might have  won that game had it not been for a blown assignment by former superstar wide receiver A.J. Green.

3. Matthew Stafford +8

It’s almost been said too many times, but Matthew Stafford has definitely found his home after a long slump in the miserable Detroit Lions’ offense. Stafford could absolutely lead the Rams on a Super Bowl run.

4. Tom Brady

The New Orleans Saints are Tom Brady’s NFC South version of the Miami Dolphins, a mediocre team that he always seems to perform poorly against. That said, Brady is still the most talented quarterback of all time, and the fact that at 44 years old he is leading a team on a playoff run is amazing.

5. Josh Allen +1

With a bad performance from Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray on Thursday, Josh Allen seems to be the new favorite to win the MVP, especially with Tennessee Titans’ running back Derrick Henry out with a foot injury. 

6. Dak Prescott -3

The perfect situation for the Cowboys to be in on a week of missing Dak Prescott to injury was a matchup against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday Night Football. Now with Prescott’s return, the Cowboys can continue to run over their opponents with the best offense in the NFL.

7. Joe Burrow +1

With how well Joe Burrow has progressed in this offense over the past two seasons, Burrow could very well be an MVP candidate in the next two seasons. The Bengals are not playing dominantly on defense, but their offense has consistently been a top five operation for the entire season.

8. Justin Herbert -3

What happened to the week four Los Angeles Chargers? Back to back losses against the Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots have made second year quarterback Justin Herbert and the Chargers’ offense look slow and ineffective right now, but that should change down the stretch.

9. Ryan Tannehill 

The jury is out on whether Ryan Tannehill can play at a high level with the best running back in football out with injury. Proving that the Titans will not collapse without him would bode well for naysayers who claim that Tannehill is not reliant on Derrick Henry for success.

10. Derek Carr

Without one of the rising young talents to rely on in the form of Henry Ruggs, Derek Carr has to make it work with Hunter Renfrow, Bryan Edwards, and superstar tight end Darren Waller. Carr has worked well with adversity to this point, and one would hope it continues as the Raiders attempt to close out their season strong.

11. Mac Jones +3

The New England Patriots are a surging offense that is led by their rookie quarterback, Mac Jones. Jones has had back to back good performances against the Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Chargers, and looks like the best of the rookie quarterbacks up to this point.

12. Carson Wentz +1

Carson Wentz may not be able to close out games, and he may make some really horrible decisions that cause teams to lose games, but there’s no denying the significant improvements he’s made to his accuracy and mechanics since last season.

13. Patrick Mahomes +2

For all the credit that Patrick Mahomes wanted to give his offense for a matchup against the New York Giants, Mahomes is playing far worse than he has in any other season, and should not be favored against any team with a winning record.

14. Matt Ryan -2

Matt Ryan is going to be seriously hurt by the loss of star receiver Calvin Ridley due to personal reasons. Add that to the offensive failure against the Panthers in week eight and Ryan will have a tough season ahead of him.

15. Tua Tagovailoa +1

Tua Tagovailoa has been visibly better than Jacoby Brissett, and even with a 1-7 record he is proving that there is a great chance that his draft stock was worth it.

16. Kirk Cousins +1

Kirk Cousins’ regular season successes have always been marred by poor play on national television and PrimeTime losses, and that continued against the Cooper Rush led Dallas Cowboys.

17. Tyrod Taylor

Having Tyrod Taylor in the starting lineup again is a godsend for a team that has been struggling with ineffective rookie Davis Mills since Taylor’s injury week two against the Cleveland Browns.

18. Jimmy Garoppolo +7

The 49ers should really attempt to invest some time into their rookie Trey Lance. Jimmy Garoppolo has proven that he is an ineffective starter against good teams, and the 49ers need a way to survive in the NFC West which will not happen if they cannot develop their young talent.

19. Ben Roethlisberger +1

Big Ben may have reached the end of the road, but he has proven that he can actually win close games, and his efforts have helped the Pittsburgh Steelers to survive in the AFC North.

20. Daniel Jones +2

The offensive line was the main reason for the New York Giants’ failures, and it was bad enough that no matter how mobile Daniel Jones is or how quick his release is he would not have been able to succeed.

21. Baker Mayfield 

The Browns should be worried about the possibility that Baker Mayfield is nothing better than an above average game manager, but in all honesty that is not the worst fate that you could receive, especially for a Browns team that has not seen much success over the years.

22. Teddy Bridgewater -1

At least Teddy Bridgewater has proved that the Broncos are capable of beating a below average team like the Washington Football Team. Bridgewater will likely be gone by the start of next year, but if he can keep the Broncos within 7-9 wins then his tenure is a success.

23. Jalen Hurts 

Jalen Hurts did an effective job of moving his offense against a Detroit Lions defense that would probably fail against a low level college football team. You can take from that what you’d like.

24. Trevor Lawrence +2

Trevor Lawrence could not keep up with backup quarterback Geno Smith and the Seahawks offense, but that is after missing a week of football and the Jaguars have a far weaker offense. I am not concerned about Trevor Lawrence.

25. Justin Fields +4

After three weeks of mild success, Justin Fields is once again playing at a lower level than draft gurus expected. Chicago should consider letting Andy Dalton start and getting Fields some experience watching good quarterback play.

26. Taylor Heinicke +1

Taylor Heinicke has finally reached backup status in Washington, and yet would Washington really be better off if they returned Ryan Fitzpatrick to the starting lineup?

27. Jared Goff +1

Jared Goff is still moving the worst offense in the NFL, and he does not look good while doing it. The Lions should consider drafting a quarterback with the first overall pick that they will inevitably acquire.

28. Mike White +4

The Mike White renaissance will surely come to an end soon, but for now the Jets do seem better off without rookie quarterback Zach Wilson. One can only hope that Wilson’s recovery is successful and his offense is revamped.

29. Trevor Siemian 

Trevor Siemian is a highly underrated starter in the NFL, and he will be able to win games for the New Orleans Saints. 

30. Jordan Love

I have never been excited about the concept of Jordan Love, but the Kansas City Chiefs’ defense is the perfect defense for Love to face on his first NFL start.

31. Geno Smith

Mike White proves that Geno Smith really is the last backup quarterback I would take if I was starting an NFL team. Smith has been completely ineffective in the passing game, single handedly losing three games in a row for an already broken team.

32. P.J. Walker

P.J. Walker has not looked good in any regular season action, but his successful tenure in the XFL suggests that there could be some good play hiding between his inaccuracy and interceptions