JV Girls Basketball Suffers Defeat to Cedar Ridge 53-23

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  • Mahogany Wright ‘23 runs down the court with Cedar Ridge opponents on her heels. Throughout the game the warriors were able to steal the ball, however the competition was tough and the warriors were defeated. “I think that’s the worst we’ve played in a long time. We gotta talk more on the transition of defense to offense,” said Wright. “They got easy points because of the lack of communication.”

  • As the game begins with the tip-off, Bailee Dainton ‘24 jumps for the ball. Although the Warriors got the ball, the Cedar Ridge Raiders stole the ball, scoring 2 points and eventually winning the game.

  • From the ground, Hailey Clementi ‘24 reaches for the ball as teammates Campbell Hardin ‘24, Grace Chao ‘23, and Mahogany Wright ‘23 stand by, ready to support. Despite their final efforts, the Warriors lost 53-23. “We all had a moment where we realized that we can’t just give up, so we put in a lot more work, we started working together more,” said Clementi.

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On Tuesday Dec. 9th, the junior varsity girls basketball team played against Cedar Ridge. The Warriors ended up losing 53-23, despite powerful performances from the players in the endgame.

The game began with a good start with the Warriors winning the tipoff and Mahogany Wright ‘23 sporting an especially successful defense, though the tide soon turned when the Raiders scored the first two points. Westwood proceeded to make the first foul of the game, the Raiders making one of the two shots. This pattern continued throughout the first quarter leading Westwood to a rough 11-2 with Cedar Ridge being in the lead.

The second quarter featured a lackluster defense from the Warriors, but Wright managed to get in an unguarded shot during the quarter. Both Westwood and Cedar Ridge gained a few fouls but all the free throws were missed. After Cedar Ridge scored, it brought the total score to 22-6, with Cedar Ridge in the lead once again.

During the third quarter, the Warriors became unreliable as they started losing the ball. Up against Cedar Ridge’s defense, the Warriors ended up fouling while the Raiders made a four pointer. Though the Warriors struck back during the final quarter where the ball stayed mostly around the Raider’s net, leading to Westwood scoring more than 10 points in the single quarter. Eventually the game ended in Cedar Ridge’s favor with a score of 53-23.

“We didn’t play as good as we usually do but I think it’s because we had a lot of off time as a team” Emily Rose ‘24 said,  “We haven’t gotten to practice as much since JV is so split up, especially after the break but I think we have a lot to improve on, especially with things like team bonding.”

The Warriors will play again against McNeil on Friday, Dec.10th 5:30pm at McNeil Highschool.