Varsity Girls Basketball Triumphs Over Hays 41-33


Catharine Li

Olivia Yang ’23 attempts to pass to her teammates. As point guard, Yang plays a critical role in games. “Communication is a huge aspect of playing basketball as a team, and it’s especially important as point guard to make sure the whole team is on the right page so we can execute plays,” Yang said.

This past Tuesday, Nov. 30, the Lady Warriors varsity basketball team triumphed 41-33 in their second game against Hays High School. This game showcased the ladies offensive and defensive skill sets, and featured many exciting opportunities at the hoop. 

The Warriors kicked off the match with exceptional intensity, resulting in multiple points right off the bat. The majority of the plays in the first period resided in the other teams half of the court, therefore putting the ladies at a considerable advantage early on. The Warriors finished off the first quarter with a significant lead in points, winning 15-5. 

¨I think that our team came right out from the jump ball ready to play to win,¨ Isabella D´Alessandro ´25 said.

The Lady Warriors momentum carried on into the second quarter, beginning it with many shots and defensive success. They continued increasing their number in points, earning many with brilliantly executed layups and successful three pointers. The ladies finished off the first half in the lead 28-12. 

Hays managed to step up their game going into the third quarter, maintaining the majority of gameplay in the Warriors’  half of the court. They had many opportunities to shoot, decreasing the difference in points, however Westwood curbed their many of their advances, keeping them from scoring on multiple occasions. Despite this enhancement of Hays gameplay, the Lady Warriors kept up their intensity and didn´t allow themselves to back down. The quarter ended yet again with the Warriors in the lead, 38-31. 

The final period of the match consisted mainly of Westwood´s possession due to their brilliant connection and ball movement. There weren’t many points scored in the fourth quarter, however the ladies proceeded to boast their technical skills keeping the game just as entertaining. The match ended with the Warriors on top,41-33. 

This victory casted a promising light on the rest of the Lady Warrior´s season, much needed after their unfortunate loss in their last game against Leander Glenn. 

¨We played really well as a team and we were really excited to beat a team that was really good,¨ D´Alessandro said. ¨Waco was 8-2 just like us, and we were ready to win.¨

The Lady Warriors play their next match against Cedar Ridge for their first district game on Tuesday, Dec. 7.