JV Women’s Soccer Dominates Season Opener 3-0


Karyn Compian

Molly Harvey ’24 kicks the ball down the line to a teammate, keeping the Warriors in possession of the ball.

In the first game of the season on Jan. 21, the JV women’s soccer team crushed the McNeil Mavericks 3-0. The Warriors had won only one of their four preseason games. 

 “I felt super proud because we had just been doing scrimmages for the pre-season, but we haven’t won a lot and so for the first district game to win was really great…I think I did pretty good, my second half was a lot better than my first half,” Lanier Harvey ’25 said. “Connecting, all having fun on the bench, practice with the girls, it’s just so much fun.”

Both soccer teams were affected by COVID-19 because there were multiple people missing from the lineup. McNeil for example, had no substitutes the entire game which was likely to people being sick.

In the second half of the game, the Mavericks caused an uproar and protested when there was a supposed handball by Annella Mason ‘25, and the referee didn’t call it. The Mavericks were really hoping to get a free kick from the handball so that they could get a better shot on goal because there were only about 12 minutes left in the game.

“It was probably a handball but it wasn’t that bad either, the ref just didn’t call it. I just ignored [the other team]. I mean usually I would probably argue with them, but I didn’t,” Mason said.

The Warriors will next take on the Vista Ridge Rangers on Tuesday Jan. 25.