Varsity Boys Basketball Tops Stony Point 66-54

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  • Henry Chuo ‘23 reaches over to grab the ball with two players from Stony Point on either side trying to accomplish the same during the second quarter of the game. In the first quarter the Warriors played a slow game but during the second quarter, they ramped their performance up to stay in the lead. “Overall we played much better than other games,” Chuo said, “this was one of our better games.”

  • Moving in front of an opposing player, Zach Engels ‘22 stays on his toes to block the ball and a possible pass from the other team. The efforts of Engels and the rest of the team during the game proved fruitful as the game ended in a win for the Warriors. “Our hard work after the Round Rock game paid off,” Engels said.

  • With an opposing player trailing almost immediately behind him, Gabe Parr ‘23 runs across the gym in order to pass the ball along to his teammates. This was during the third quarter, where the Warriors achieved their highest lead. “Stony Point has some really good scores and they’re really athletic,” Parr said, “and we played an amazing defense, just to keep them low scoring.”

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On Wednesday January 12th, the varsity boys basketball team played against Stony Point. Proving their capability with a constant lead, the Warriors pulled through with a winning 66-54.

The first quarter started slowly but easily ended with Westwood having a decent lead at 14-9. The second quarter promised to follow that trend, especially with Henry Chuo ‘23 successfully passing the ball when blocked resulting in multiple baskets. The second quarter ended up finishing with the Warriors maintaining the lead with a score of 31-21.

With the first half of the game at a close hopes were high for the second half, unfortunately there was a quick hurdle when Westwood knocked down a player from the opposing team early on in the quarter. Stony Point ended up scoring one of two free throws. Nearing the last 30 seconds of the third quarter, a very fast paced exchange filled the gym. Stony Point almost scored a shot against Westwood but the Warriors were able to successfully block the ball, taking it back to the other side of the gym, the timer rang while the ball was still in the air. This successfully ended the quarter in Westwood’s favor with a score of 47-30.

The fourth quarter progressed well in Westwood’s favor for most of the 12 minutes but nearing the last few a massive crash occurred in the center of the gym, with three players falling, one of them being Chuo. The Warriors proved that they can’t be easily stopped though, as they kept continuing their lead, even when Stony Point brought down the lead to 10 points with 56 seconds left in the game, Westwood immediately scored it back using their own two-pointer with just seven seconds left in the game, bringing the score back to 66-54.

“Last night our game was good,” Chuo said, “we started off kinda slow but once we started pushing it and playing good defense we did well.”

The Warriors will play again against Vandergrift Friday, Jan. 14th 7:00 pm at Vandegrift High School.