Varsity Girls Soccer Ties with Round Rock 0-0


Aisi Concannon ’22 prepares to make a play in the midfield.

On Tuesday, February 1, the Lady Warriors faced off their rival the Round Rock Dragons 0-0 at their field. Although there were no goals, both teams displayed impressive talent and determination in an intense game that had the crowd in a chokehold. 

The Warriors started the game with noticeable connection, and had their first goal opportunities within the first ten minutes. The ladies managed to maintain the gameplay on the other team’s half of the field, putting in numerous through-balls down the line for the forwards to run onto. 

Westwood had a few shots on target, but unfortunately none of them proved successful. Round Rock had some close offensive opportunities as well, but all of them were ultimately shut down by Westwood’s defense. The half ended 0-0, everybody, players and spectators eager for a goal. 

The second half of the game, Round Rock and Westwood exhibited impressive energy right off the bat. The Warriors did especially well at getting rid of the ball in their half and controlling it in the midfield, keeping the gameplay away from their half. The ladies were noticeably intense within the first half, however in the second half every play had girls from both sides clawing for the ball. Both teams were on many occasions very close to scoring, however none of their attempts turned out to be successful. The game ended 0-0.

“The game against Round Rock was very intense as always and pretty physical at times but that’s what happens when you play them,” said Kate Cooper ‘24, one of the starting midfielders. “I thought the play-making on our part was great and even though it ended in a tie, we were the better team.” 

The rivals face each other again Tuesday, March 1 at the Warrior Bowl, both teams eager for a win. Westwood plays next Tuesday, February 8 away versus Stony Point.