Varsity Women’s Lacrosse Eats LASA Raptors Alive 15-6


Arushi Sharma

Avery Hixson ’23 defends so she can’t get to the goal. The defender was then forced to make an incomplete pass, giving the Warriors possession.

The varsity women’s lacrosse team beat the Liberal Arts and Science Academy (LASA) Raptors on the early morning of Sunday, April 3. With two more count games remaining, the win resulted in the Lady Warriors being tied for second place in the district with Round Rock Lacrosse.

The Warriors started off with an amazing goal by midfielder Sam Newlin ‘22 off of a fast break, after she gained possession of the ball from a draw. Five minutes in, LASA made their first goal off of a penalty shot, with a “shooting space” penalty against a Warrior defender. Soon after, Newlin went back for two more incredible shots, and both times with the help of the team and successful plays. Shaken up, LASA decided to call for a time-out, with the score at 6-1 in the Warriors’ favor. The Raptors came out strong, scoring three more goals. In response, the Warriors scored two more, leaving the score at half-time as 8-4. 

“I feel like this was just a preview to what the rest of the season holds and this gave us a boost of confidence to continue on our winning path,” Avery Hixson ‘23 said. “Beating our biggest rivals, Austin High, last Wednesday gave us a massive surge of faith and led us to win this morning’s game, and all future games hopefully.”

The Warriors played even stronger the second half to secure their win, with two crease-roll shots made by Bella Robertson ‘24. The Raptors came out with a hunger to win as well, scoring an immediate shot within the first three minutes. In an effort to stop LASA from scoring anymore, two defensive yellow cards were called against Hixson. While playing man-down, captains Newlin and Sarah Poppe ‘22 stepped up to help out their team with transitions through the midfield and multiple ground balls. With incredible teamwork from the Warriors, the Raptors were unable to score in the last ten minutes, finishing off the excruciating game with a 15-6 victory.

“I’m really proud of how we all played, and it’s so cool to see how everyone has improved this season,” Amelie Puga ‘23 said. “The win today was amazing, and it definitely won’t be the last!”

The Lady Warriors will take on the St. Stephen’s Spartans in their next matchup on Wednesday, March 6 at St. Stephen’s Episcopal School.