Standing Up, Standing Out: Choir Finds Community at Vertical Concert

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  • Performing one of the most popular songs Running up the Hill by Kate Bush, Westwood’s show choir club brought the house down. The singers worked outside of school hours to complete this performance.

  • Being Choir Co-President, Gabriel Paredes ’23 speaks directly to the audience to congratulate members of the community. This helped build community involvement with the show even more.

  • More than just singing, members of the choir got involved instrumentally with the performances. Mr. Vara, Canyon Vista Choir Director, shows his gratitude for student involvement.

  • During their silly song, Canyon Creek students went all out with the funny faces. They warmed the hearts of their audiences with their excitement to perform.

  • The Westwood choirs take a seat to perform with their younger peers. The combined forces of both choirs brought the house down with one final number.

  • Jumping and shaking the risers below, Canyon Vista Choir performs Africa by Toto with a physical twist. The choir immersed their audience in their music, impressing the high school choirs.

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The leaves finally begin to fall as Westwood Choirs hit the stage of the Round Rock ISD Performing Arts Center (PAC) on Monday, Nov. 7. Choirs’ annual fall concert attracts listeners from the entire community, inviting members from all schools feeding into Westwood. This year, the Vertical Fall Concert included members from elementary schools and middle schools in the area. Through a series of fan-favorite songs and a blend of all ages, the Vertical Fall Concert impressed all of its viewers.

The seats of the PAC filled up with parents eagerly preparing their cameras to watch the performance. With all of the schools in the Westwood area involved, the audience matched the anticipated energy of the fifth graders. Students in fifth grade and up broke out into song as soon as the clock hit seven.

“I loved it! It was so adorable seeing the elementary schoolers on stage,” Claire Petiprin ‘23 said. “I even got to see some students that I know through PALS (Peer Assistance Leadership Service).” 

Canyon Vista brought the vocals with their rendition of Africa by Toto. The entire choir began with a compilation of hand-clapping and jumping on the delicate risers. Catching the audience’s attention heads grooved with the music all around the crowd.

“Getting to watch Africa brought back a lot of memories of my middle school experience,” Kayla Wang ‘26 said. “It definitely excites me that there are so many talented singers.”

Finally, the elementary schoolers appeared on stage, performing two songs back to back. Serenading their Veterans and singing among both the middle school and high school choir, memories were created in this concert. Filling the stage, around 150 students, if not more, appreciated their love for music.  

“My grandparents were impressed with all of the songs we performed. Overall, everyone enjoyed the concert,” Astar Guadalupe ‘23 said.

As the concert came to a close, absolute chaos broke out in the joy of the parents for their performers. Throughout the concert, Westwood Choirs became hosts with both Co-Presidents Gabriel Paredes ‘23 and Lasya Adivi ‘23 thanking the faculty of the school district. 

“The vertical concert is always a lot of fun. Gabe and I loved seeing the future generation of Westwood Choirs in action and getting to work with singers of all ages,” Lasya Adivi ‘23 said.

Overall, this concert became a message to the community more than a performance. Seeing every elementary schooler so excited to be grown up and high schoolers reconnecting with their roots, it is clear the Vertical Fall Concert exists as a reason to be involved in the arts.

“[The Vertical Concert] really shows how people of all ages can come together to make great music,” Jonathan Simon ‘25 said. “[I] want future choir members to know that they should keep singing, practicing, and never stop believing in themselves.” 

Looking ahead, qualifiers for Pre-Area will be competing in the annual Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) competition on Tuesday, Nov. 15.