Bye Bye Bye: Choir Concludes Year with Y2K-Themed Performance

Aanika Hirode and Eshaan Chopra

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  • Cars speed across the stage as the top-level choir performs ‘Life Is A Highway.’ The choirs worked hard on choosing unique songs this year. “Life Is a Highway’ was a fan favorite of all the families in the audience.

  • Sisters unite as Kayla Contello ’24 brought on her younger sister to accompany her in this duet. On stage, Kate Contello, Kayla’s sister, acted out the words to Kaya’s song. This song ended with a heartwarming hug on the stage.

  • Opening Playlist 2023, this ensemble led a choreography-heavy number which involved singers in the audience. With light-hearted dance moves, the group brought the audience back to the 2000s.

  • Lasya Adivi ’23 and Gabriel Paredes ’23 speak to families who helped support Playlist this year. The Co-Presidents helped select the theme for this year’s concert. The two made a dynamic duo this year.

  • Choir is always a party with its fun-loving members. This ensemble performed “Party in the USA” a classic song of the 2000s. This choice was very on theme and had enjoyable choreography.

  • Singing in the spotlight, Vivian Toney ’26 performs an Adele song as her first solo. Being a freshman in choir this year, she was one of the two underclassmen to receive a solo. This performance had audience members in tears.

  • The Seniors of choir wrap their arms around each other as they perform “Chasing Cars”. The seniors were tight-knit this year as they performed this last time. After dealing with a pandemic in more, this was a heartwarming moment.

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On Saturday, April 29, Westwood Choirs performed their final showcase of the year. This beloved tradition revolves around a different theme each year, with performers each contributing their own track to the “Playlist”. This year, they took the audience on a journey through the Y2K era, an iconic amalgam of synthetic music, statement fashion, and a generally nostalgic ambience. Consisting of two acts and a post-show, the show encapsulated the collaborative and celebratory nature of the choir’s ensemble.