Bruno Mars Astounds Fans at Formula 1 Concert

By Dia Jain, A&E Editor

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Bruno Mars blew the crowd away at his Formula 1 concert at Circuit of the Americas on Saturday, Oct. 20. His 24K Magic album won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year in 2018, and thousands of people got to witness it live on the racetrack. He brought many to tears and to their feet dancing, all in one night.

Right before the show was to begin, curtains with the 24K Magic symbol on them fell and covered the stage, increasing everyone’s excitement and anticipation for the singer to come on stage. While the curtains were down, the big screens flashed the words “Are you ready?” and everyone started cheering. The curtains then opened to reveal Mars performing one of his most popular songs, Finesse. This catchy tune and his impressive vocals urged the crowd to dance and kick off the concert with high energy. Mars proved his dancing skills were unparalleled in the second half of Finesse and throughout the rest of the show. Mars moonwalked multiple times throughout his songs, taking his fans back to his beginning days as a performer when he used to do Michael Jackson impressions. He moved on to sing 24K Magic, the song that his album is named after. As the chorus started, fireworks shot out from behind the stage lighting up the night sky. His two opening songs were amazing and set the bar for the rest of the concert.

However, Mars didn’t just stick to his 24K Album, as his next song was Treasure from his Unorthodox Jukebox album. The crowd sang along with Mars while he danced across the stage. After he finished the captivating performance of a few more songs from his 24K Magic album, Mars demonstrated his ability to play the electric guitar. The guitar solo astounded the crowd as they watched, cheering along.

In his next performance, Mars not only sang and danced, but entertained the audience through his comedic acts. Pretending to be hung up on from a girl, Mars got the whole crowd laughing and chanting along to his newest song, Wake Up in the Sky. One of his band members charmed the audience with his saxophone solo while Mars took a short break. After returning and singing a few more songs, Mars thrilled his fans with one of his top hits, That’s What I Like, and took it a step further. Collecting his band members, Mars yelled out, “Fellas, now let’s show them how to break it down,” and awed the crowd with a show of vocals and twists within the chorus of That’s What I Like. The crowd loved it, with his fans swaying along and enjoying the smooth rendition of the pop song.

The lights went off and the spotlight went onto Mars, who was softly singing another hit, Versace on the Floor. As soon as the chorus started, the lights began to flash again, and everyone was on their feet dancing. Mars then sang Marry You while playing the electric guitar, which sped up the song and got everyone to jump and clap along while enjoying the sweet lyrics.

However, the crowd wasn’t excited enough for Mars. After one of his band members had a drum solo leading into the popular dance song, Runaway Baby, Mars turned the mic to the crowd, waiting for them to shout out the lyrics and dance. Yet, the crowd was too quiet, and so Mars said “Austin, if y’all are gonna be quiet, then we will be quiet,” and he turned all the lights off and stopped singing. After a couple minutes of the crowd screaming and yelling for Mars to come back, he finally finished the song with more enthusiasm from the crowd.

While the band took a break, Mars decided to play a game with the crowd. He sang  Nothin’ On You and It Will Rain, hoping to stump us by seeing if the audience knew the lyrics. The fans were well aware of the words and chorused along with Mars. Being the performer that he was, he pleased the audience with a couple jokes by ending every song with “It was thirty-five years ago today, I wrote that song,” even though Mars himself is only thirty-three. Before Mars began his next song, he gave a small speech talking about how the next song was the hardest song for him to write. He performed When I Was Your Man beautifully, almost causing some of his fans to cry. The last few lines of the song, Mars took long pauses and emotionally dramaticized the end, moving his fans to tears.

Mars ended his performance with Locked Out of Heaven, Just the Way You Are, and an encore of Uptown Funk. His last three songs were filled with excitement, joy, and dancing, bringing his concert to a spectacular close. At the end of the concert, multiple fireworks went off behind the concert, and the crowd cheered for several minutes after Mars had left the stage.

Throughout the concert, the crowd was filled with enthusiasm, dancing, and singing, mimicking the fantastic show Mars put on. The audience got to enjoy not only his latest songs, but some of his biggest hits from past albums. His concert contained high spirits throughout, from both the singer and the crowd, and Mars gave his fans memories for a lifetime.