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The student news site of Westwood High School.

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All the books featured in the festival are available for purchase on the Texas Book Festival website. Limited quantities of books with signed and personalized bookplates are also on sale. Graphic by Shreya Selvaraju.

12th Annual Texas Teen Book Festival Uplifts Underrepresented Authors

By Shreya Selvaraju , Reporter October 25, 2021

The 2021 Texas Teen Book Festival took place virtually on Saturday, Oct. 23, and Sunday, Oct. 24. The festival had seven events on the first day and six on the next. The event, which occurs annually, is...

Christian Bale played Bruce Wayne in Christopher Nolan’s 2005 film Batman Begins. Batman Begins was Nolan’s first superhero movie, although Memento and Following  contained homages to the Bat Prince of Gotham. Graphic by Josh Shippen.

Christopher Nolan Retrospective Series: Part Four, ‘Batman Begins’

By Josh Shippen, Reporter October 18, 2021

This piece is part four of a six-part series. Read the third installment here.  I’d be nervous if my favorite director transitioned into superhero movies, but in the case of Christopher Nolan, his...

Selena Quintanilla, known as Selena in the music world, was considered to be the Queen of Tejano Music. Her lasting significance and contributions made her one of the most cherished musicians of the 20th century. Graphic by Selena Molinari.

Hispanic Heritage Month 2021: How Selena Shaped Music

By Selena Molinari, Yearbooker October 17, 2021

When we think of Hispanic Heritage Month, many powerful people come to mind. In the minds of many lies the legacy of Selena, an entrepreneur, businesswoman, and incredible artist. Selena Quintanilla...

The late rapper Mac Miller has created 12 mixtapes, three of which have already been released to streaming services. Graphic by Josh Shippen.

Mac Miller’s ‘Faces’ to be Released to Streaming Services on Friday

By Josh Shippen, Reporter October 14, 2021

The late rapper Mac Miller’s 11th mixtape, Faces, is being released to streaming platforms on Friday, Oct. 15. This will be the first release of a full length Mac Miller project since his first and only...

Al Pacino portrays Will Dormer in Christopher Nolan’s third film Insomnia. Insomnia came two years after Christopher Nolan’s first big movie, Memento. Graphic by Josh Shippen

Christopher Nolan Retrospective Series: Part Three, ‘Insomnia’

By Josh Shippen, Reporter October 14, 2021

This piece is part three of a six-part series. Read the second installment here.  Finally, a Nolan film in the correct chronological order. Right after coming out with a film with a moral basis hinged...

Numerous bowls of tumbled crystals line the window near the entry of The Crystal Works.

The Crystal Works: An Enchanting Austin Excursion

By Mallory Milner, Reporter October 13, 2021

Back in mid-September, a couple of friends and I ventured to downtown Austin to shop and grab lunch. A few weeks back, a friend had informed me about a cool, woman-owned crystal shop that she and her friends...

Memento was Christopher Nolan’s first breakout movie, and a reunion of The Matrix actors Carrie-Anne Moss and Joe Pantoliano. Graphic by Josh Shippen.

Christopher Nolan Retrospective Series: Part Two, ‘Memento’

By Josh Shippen, Reporter October 11, 2021

This piece is part two of a six-part series. Read the first installment here.  Out of the 11 films that Christopher Nolan has made, there are five that I consider to be masterpieces. Memento is definitely...

The Vault, in which the main plot is to penetrate an unbreakable bank vault, did not live up to its potential. Graphic by Amira Boutros

Skip It: ‘The Vault’ Film Isn’t Worth Your Time

By Amira Boutros, Dreamcatcher Assistant Editor October 9, 2021

A dazzling ensemble of criminals led by Liam Cunningham and Freddie Highmore is just insane enough to try to seize wealth buried deep beneath the Bank of Spain. The completely absurd, leave-your-rationality-at-the-door...

The Dear Evan Hansen stage production (left), featuring Ben Platt as Evan Hansen and Mike Faist as Connor Murphy, compared to the film adaptation (right), with Platt still starring as Evan, and Colton Ryan as Connor. Graphic by Zack Catuogno.

‘Dear Evan Hansen’ Movie Fails Fans

By Zack Catuogno, Photographer October 8, 2021

This article contains spoilers for the ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ movie, musical, and book adaptations, in addition to mention of suicide. Dear Evan Hansen, the six-time Tony award-winning hit Broadway...

Evangelion Part 1 Featured Image 1

So, I Watched The Entirety of ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’

By Reagan Babbitt, Reporter October 4, 2021

With its initial televisation 26 years ago on October 4th, 1996, Neon Genesis Evangelion has amassed a 26 episode anime series, two movies, an alternative fourteen-volume manga adaptation comprised of...

Soft Rock was one of the most dominant music genres in the 1970s, but by the 80s, it wasnt taken very seriously. Lets give it another look and list the 25 best songs in the genre. Graphic by Oliver Barnfield.

Top 25 Soft Rock Songs

By Oliver Barnfield, Video Editor October 1, 2021

Soft rock, or yacht rock as some like to call it, was a popular genre in the ‘70s and ‘80s that mixed the ballad songwriting style of Barry Manilow and Neil Diamond with traditional, albeit pared-down,...

Much of Hills publicity has surrounded his controversial visuals. The artist teased his album with billboards of himself in the style of old TV ads. Graphic by Shreya Selvaraju.

Does ‘MONTERO’ Live Up To Its Namesake?

By Shreya Selvaraju , Reporter October 1, 2021

MONTERO, Lil Nas X’s debut album, cemented him as an artist capable of delivering both great marketing and great music. The artist, whose birth name is Montero Lamar Hill, fittingly delivered the news...

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