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The student news site of Westwood High School.

Westwood Horizon

The student news site of Westwood High School.

Westwood Horizon


Cure Bakery & Coffee opened its doors in March of 2022.

Locally-Owned Bakery Cures Customers With Caffeine and Hospitality 

Shivani Kondubhatla, Reporter March 21, 2023

After immigrating from Turkey five years ago, the Bayizitlioglus were intent on escaping their corporate jobs and embarking on a journey to find themselves through their own small business. With owner...

Centaurworld’s Cheerful Setting Masks Dark Themes and an Emotional Storyline

Centaurworld’s Cheerful Setting Masks Dark Themes and an Emotional Storyline

Prima Changwatchai, Reporter March 6, 2023

Centaurworld, an animated series and musical comedy, was released on July 30, 2021, with a second season released later in the year. Fast-paced, random, and set in a candy-colored world, the series seems...

Marvel Phase Four: The Fading Lights of Marvels Stardom

Marvel Phase Four: The Fading Lights of Marvel’s Stardom

Zoejane Ostebo, Opinions Editor and Extras Editor February 22, 2023

I feel that it goes without saying, but Marvel Phase Four hasn’t been what fans expected. Since the highly-anticipated release of Avengers: Endgame, the writers and producers at Marvel have been trying...

Horizons Best Albums of 2022

Horizon’s Best Albums of 2022

2022 in the music industry was marked by surprise— many notable artists and bands made a comeback with albums completely shattering the styles they embraced before. As we head into the new year, we've...

Girl From Nowhere is a Thai horror anthology series about karma, vengeance, and corruption within the Thai educational system. The  show currently has two seasons on Netflix. Graphic courtesy of Hadley Norris

Girl From Nowhere: How a Thai Mystery Series Thrills Viewers With Darkness

Prima Changwatchai, Reporter January 11, 2023

Often based on real-life events, Girl From Nowhere – a Thai mystery thriller series that has released two seasons so far – tackles a wide variety of issues that plague modern high schools in Thailand,...

American Psycho, the novel by Bret Easton Ellis, spurned a film adaptation which catapulted itself into timeless cultural relevance.

American Psycho Teaches a Lesson in Media Literacy

Pom Babbitt, Reporter January 4, 2023

Despite being based on a relatively obscure novel and being released in the far-off year of 2000, Mary Harron’s film American Psycho starring Christian Bale has captured the hearts and minds of many,...

Futurama was a popular animated TV show from the same creators as The Simpsons. It ran from 1999 to 2013.

Why a Futurama Reboot Is a Bad Idea

Sawyer Grimaldi, Reporter December 7, 2022

Futurama. One of the most influential and popular animated sitcoms of its time. One so popular that it isn’t a rarity to find someone who tattooed one of its characters on their body, and you can be...

70s New Wave music is far more guitar-driven and angular than its 80s counterpart, but it contained just as many classic hits provided by striking and iconic bands.

Top 25 New Wave Songs

Oliver Barnfield, Video Editor November 10, 2022

New wave music is a very misunderstood and misused term for a genre of music. It seems to encompass both ‘70s guitar music that was somewhat adjacent to punk AND ‘80s synth pop such as Duran Duran....

Gilmore Girls is a popular show from the early 2000s that is centered around outgoing & spunky Lorelai Gilmore and her bookish & introverted daughter, Rory Gilmore, in a small town called Stars Hollow.

The Downfall of Rory Gilmore

Shivani Kondubhatla and Valeria Tijerina November 4, 2022

  As the leaves turn orange and the school year kicks off, the season of binge-watching Gilmore Girls and pretending to be Rory Gilmore at Chilton for academic motivation has commenced. From excelling...

Weezers first album is a popular and iconic album on the internet, but does it deserve its fame?

Why Weezer’s Blue Album is the Best Album of the 90’s

Baker Tuthill and Oliver Barnfield October 13, 2022

The guitars are colossal and fuzzy, but brimming with brightness. The bass is low, playing in unison with the guitars. The drums are simplistic, not straying too much from their repetitive rhythm. The...

Brendon Urie performs Do It To Death in Austin Sept. 8.

Panic! At the Disco Launches Tour in Austin

Lanie Catuogno, Faculty Adviser September 9, 2022
In the first show of a US tour, Urie struggled to hit the high notes and several times went off-pitch even in the middle of his range.
Breaking Bad is one of the most iconic television shows both worldwide and in the United States. Its attracted a dedicated fanbase that have an affinity for almost anything the series has to offer.

The Breaking Bad Seasons, From Bad to Ground-Breaking

Pom Babbitt, Reporter August 29, 2022

Breaking Bad. It’s a series so iconic that just saying its name can elicit some kind of emotional response. Since its debut in the late 2000s, producer Vince Gilligan’s masterpiece has garnered a gargantuan...

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