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Everything You Need To Know About The Mueller Report

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Everything You Need To Know About The Mueller Report

By Serenity McIntosh, Reporter

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller has finally completed his investigative report into possible collusion from President Trump with Russian Officials during the 2016 election. Attorney General William Barr wrote in a four page letter to the congressional committee that Mueller had concluded his 22 month investigation. Now, the only thing we know about the meddling is that there is not much to know at all. During the almost three year process of the investigation, Mueller has refused to comment on the progress and marked most of the report as confidential.

However, Russian collusion with Trump wasn’t the sole focus in this investigation. Mueller was busy in other legal matters as well. He indicted Trump’s former campaign chair Paul Manafort for lobbying and other financial crimes, indicted two different Russian groups for interfering with the 2016 election via media propaganda, revealing Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, for lying to Congress about building a Trump Tower in Moscow during the campaign, and indicted Roger Stone, one of Trump’s oldest advisors and lobbyists,for lying to Congress about contacting WikiLeaks during the campaign.

The main focus of all this is the issue of the president and obstruction of justice. Mueller continued to investigate whether or not Trump was involved with any Russian interference in the election. Trump refused to sit down with Muller, but he did agree to submit a very select amount of written questions.

The media does not know when, or if, the report will ever be made public. For now all that is know is that the report will explain his prosecution decisions. Ultimately, the case is now in Attorney General Barr’s hands. The biggest question now is what did Mueller find? He has implied that while there is no proof of the president conspiring with Russia, there are other potential impeachable charges Trump could be brought up on that have no yet been made public.

In the wake of the released reports there is still very little that is actually known about the report. Barr wrote on Sunday that the “goal and intent is to release as much of the Special Counsel’s report as I can consistent with with applicable law, regulations and departmental policies.”

It’s not entirely clear yet whether Mueller’s report will uncover evidence that collusion occurred, or whether that portion of the investigation really leads anywhere. However the report does say that it “does not exonerate [Trump].” Now, the public must wait for future developments to occur.

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