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In April, Tesla made the “Autopilot” feature free for drivers, allowing for semi-autonomous driving. Controversy arose about the feature after a lawsuit was recently settled regarding a man who was killed by Autopilot.

Tesla Lawsuit Regarding Autopilot Feature Sparks Controversy

Jacob Chow, Heritage Staff May 25, 2024

The quiet hums of Teslas begin to engulf the Westwood parking lot in the early hours of the day. Tesla has become a staple car, with many students choosing to drive it for their contribution to fighting...

Faith Dietz 24 pulls a lane rope across the El Salido Pool in preparation for the pools patrons. The lifeguards do many such tasks as a part of their daily duties.

“The Best Job You Can Have as a High-Schooler”: Students Lifeguard at El Salido Pool

Mallory Milner, Reporter May 7, 2024

Just a five-minute drive from Westwood, the El Salido pool, a lively cornerstone of the neighborhood, offers multiple students a part-time job serving as lifeguards. Many students applied due to its significance...

During her presentation of Germany, Lena Boas 25 demonstrates how to roll pretzels. In addition to pretzels, Boas showed other German cultural items, including lederhosen, a dirndl, and school cone.

Lena Boas ’25 Brings Geography and World Cultures to Local Classrooms

Prima Changwatchai, Community & World News Editor April 27, 2024

Growing up exposed to different countries and cultures, Lena Boas ‘25 was excited to share her knowledge with others ever since her childhood. However, she soon realized that many of her peers in...

A topic of immense interest and controversy, the banning of diversity, equity, and inclusivity (DEI) programs has attracted much attention, especially at the University of Texas at Austin. Numerous students have argued that DEI programs not only foster diversity, but also promote a creative learning environment.

Controversy Continues: Texas DEI Bans

Ellen Chuo, Photo Editor April 17, 2024

As another college application season comes to an end, the topic of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs has come back into focus. The buzz around these programs, good and bad, has gained much...

Texas House Bill 598 was passed on May 24, 2023 and prevents convicted animal abusers from owning an animal for five years. The bill currently acts as a precedent, opening up future implications for further legal action against animal abusers.

Texas House Bill 598 Sentences Abusive Pet Owners to Five-Year Ban

Valerie Zhang, Reporter April 11, 2024

Urged forward due to popularity after a similar law failed to be passed in a previous legislative session, Texas House Bill 598 (HB 598) was reintroduced by Representative Matt Shaheen and approved with...

After doing her work, Payton Vopat 26 uses her phone. While educators often believe phones have a strictly negative effect on students, many students see it as a way to spend their free time.

Phone Bans Elicit Divisive Reaction

Gabriel Oliveira, Reporter April 8, 2024

Indiana lawmakers passed a bill with bipartisan support that requires schools to adopt a policy restricting the use of wireless communication devices during class time on March 24. This bill will be effective...

In preparation for the upcoming total solar eclipse, Austin resident Erik Schlanger practices using solar eclipse glasses. Those planning to observe the total eclipse have been encouraged to use these special shaded lenses to protect their eyesight from the suns harsh rays.

Texas Prepares for Total Eclipse

Lilah Schlanger, Reporter March 29, 2024

Most of central Texas will experience a total solar eclipse, which only occurs once every 20 years, for a brief period on Monday, April 8. During this time, the moon will pass between the sun and Earth,...

Senate Bill 4 is a new Texas law that criminalizes illegal immigration and expands state law enforcement officials abilities to detain suspected migrants. The law has sparked protests from Mexican-Americans and immigration rights activists.

Texas SB 4 Immigration Law Sparks Protest

Valeria Tijerina, Reporter March 28, 2024

The U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the approval of Senate Bill 4 on Wednesday, March 27. This bill would allow Texas police to detain those suspected of illegally crossing the Mexican...

On Tuesday, March 5, otherwise known as Super Tuesday, voters cast their votes at polling stations such as the Austin Public Library. As a result of the 2024 presidential primaries, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden are the official party nominees, but many young people dont feel like either candidate represents them. Its just [between the] lesser of two evils, Lexy Hall 24 said. We really just havent had a good president in a while. We havent had someone who has been making good change because our country has become so extremist.

The Lesser of Two Evils

Hannah McDonough, Horizon Assistant Editor March 14, 2024

Ahead of the recent presidential primary election on Tuesday, March 5, there was a lot of doubt revolving around the turnout of Gen Z voters. In fact, the attendance of this newer generation of voters...

McNeil has already begun to display their new IB accreditation by modifying their website and description to include the words “IB World School”. This accreditation is taking the next step in providing a better academic environment for McNeil students, but has left some Westwood IB transfers feeling conflicted.

McNeil’s New IB Program Conflicts Westwood Transfers

Aarya Kale, Reporter March 9, 2024

Tying students across the globe together with a shared love for learning and curiosity, the International Baccalaureate (IB) program is known as  a rigorous curriculum that transcends basic academic benchmarks...

A Westwood graduate and parent, Council Member Mackenzie Kelly completes most of her work from her office on Anderson Mill Road. She is currently hosting an art contest in order to showcase the talent of Austin area students.

Austin Council Member Mackenzie Kelly Holds “I Love District 6” Art Contest

Scott Seamon, Managing Editor February 27, 2024

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Austin Council Member Mackenzie Kelly, a Westwood graduate and parent, is hosting the "I Love District Six" art contest for 1st-12th grade students in the Austin area. Students...

Thousands of AT&T users lost network connection on Thursday, Feb. 22. The outage ended later that afternoon. The greatest difficulty was trying to figure out what was going on, Mikayla Smith 25 said. When I realized the problem was out of my hands, I found it difficult to notify my non-tech savvy parents.

AT&T Users Lose Connection

Hannah McDonough, Horizon Assistant Editor February 23, 2024

On Thursday, Feb. 22, AT&T users around the U.S. experienced a lack of cellular network, preventing them from receiving text messages and phone calls. Later that afternoon, the network was restored. AT&T...

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