85°C Bakery Cafe Brings Delightful Treats to Austin

By Rosie Deal, Heritage Sports Coordinator

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85°C Bakery Cafe opened their second Austin location, near Lakeline, on Friday, Feb. 1. The bakery originated in Taiwan and offers a generous selection of different baked goods and drinks. From their brioche to their egg tarts, every item is delicately made and decorated.

The first thing you notice when you enter is the Instagram-worthy aesthetic of the bakery. Immediately on your right are clear cases with colorful assortments of different breads, cakes, brioches, and several other selections of treats. In front of the cases are trays that you carry with you and put your choices of food on. When you’ve chosen your fill, you simply bring your tray to the cashier to pay and find a place to sit.

Their selection of cakes are so gorgeous it’s really hard to choose which ones to get. Each is beautiful with different decorations embellishing the top. I ended up trying the Mango Crème Brûlée cake, a light cake that had a slightly floral taste that still lets a subtle mango flavor cut through. It was a pale yellow color with a raspberry on top that gave the cake a neat, pulled together appearance. The next thing I tried was the Strawberry Chocolate Mousse cake, which was slightly richer than the mango and its flavors were much stronger and bolder. Personally, I really liked how the chocolate and strawberry worked together without overpowering each other, but the cake itself was definitely denser than the mango cake.

I also tried their Classic Tiramisu, which was really good but not as overwhelmingly artistic as the others. It was definitely a simpler option with no decoration besides the classic layer of cocoa powder on top. The flavors were much more subdued and I didn’t really get any individual tastes coming through. It was very light and had a really nice smooth texture, but it didn’t have any kick to it.

The last thing I tried was the Chocolate Pearl which had a mirror glaze on top, giving it a really elegant effect. It was by far the richest of the things I tried, with chocolate cake on the inside, chocolate mousse surrounding that and, to finish, a chocolate glaze coating the whole desert. I really liked it, and it’s definitely a treat for a chocoholic. It had a very dark chocolate taste to it so if you aren’t a fan of that, it isn’t for you, but it was really nice and had a bold, deep tone to it. The overall look of it was really beautiful because the only decoration was the mirror glaze that added a simple quality to it, and the paper with the logo that they put on every item. That simpleness really drew attention to the smooth glaze that looked irresistible to the eye.

Overall, the whole bakery had a really modern, cozy vibe that was very appealing and calls you to stay and relax for while. They offer a range of different items and drinks that were all creative and look amazing. The different things I tried all had unique twists to them and weren’t just the same old cakes you always find at bakeries. Their menu boasts a variety of culturally different and unique types of treats alongside drinks that range from coffees to smoothies. From their birthplace of Taiwan, the bakery presents several options that are Taiwanese, but also incorporates the classic desserts into the selection. The prices were around $3 depending on what you order, but for such an intricate dessert it’s 100 percent worth it. The homey atmosphere and the diverse selection of foods makes the bakery the perfect place for an afternoon out.

Overall rating: four out of five stars

85°C Bakery Cafe

11301 South Lakeline Blvd Suite 140 | Austin, TX


Monday – Sunday 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.