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Chayce Wellings
If I'm not geeking out on movies, TV, or comics, you can typically find me editing videos... and then geeking out some more.

Pop culture is my life and that's the biggest reason why film is my passion and ultimately what I want to pursue. I've been an actor since the age of eight, and since then I've surrounded myself with all thingsĀ relating to the matter. I've done directing camps, screenwriting workshops, school theatre, and having watched MANY interviews with actors/directors has also been a big help to motivate me even more.

My obvious obsession aside, jamming out to Vampire Weekend, downtown day trips, and reading are what I do with my downtime.

I'm especially looking forward to this year being great not only because I'm a senior, but also because as being a second-year Student Press member, I plan on advancing the program to the best of my ability.

Chayce Wellings, Videographer

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