Rare Snowfall Catches Texans by Surprise

By Rustin Mehrabani-Farsi, Extras Editor

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On Thursday Dec. 7, Warriors, along with other Central Texans, were gifted a special holiday treat when snow began falling at approximately 5:20 p.m..

“It’s just great,” Jim Mason ‘21 said. “I’ve lived in Texas all my life and it almost never snows, like this is a lot of snow compared to what I’ve seen before, and I’ve only seen snow actually fall a couple of times.”

Every year many students hope for even a trace of snow, but that wish often falls flat. This year, their wishes were granted in the early days of December.

““I’m so excited,” Ilana Svartz ‘18 said. “It’s snowing and I wore my Christmas sweater. It was a sign.”

While many students were hoping for a White Christmas, few expected the snowfall due to the summer-like temperatures in the area just a couple days prior.

“It’s crazy that earlier this week it was like 80 degrees, and now it’s snowing,” Zoe Rowe ‘18 said.